Sexism In Islam Essay

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Throughout time, society has been highly male dominated, and while in some cultures and religions the female physique has been worshiped in regards to fertility, love, and nature, males remain a dominant figure in all walks of life. All people, however mostly women, will experience some sort of discrimination, prejudice, or stereotyping throughout their lifetime. Religions have contributed to the patriarchal society that is still somewhat prevalent today, and while each sect and variation of these religions may differ in some ways, they have a common interpretation of men and women.
With regards to sexism and history, it has been prevalent for ages and religions are a perfect example of this. Religions could very well be defined as the root of sexism because of the patriarchal society in which they were created. Hinduism is a religion in which there
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In Islam, the leader of the faith is referred to as an Imam and they lead the congregation in salat, which is the Arabic word for prayer. In current day Islam there is a lot of controversy surrounding the acceptance of women performing this ritual, especially within the Middle East. There is some room for interpretation within the Islamic community regarding female Imams. In more westernized countries like the United States and Canada, this is slightly more acceptable; however, it is not common. While there are continuous allegations towards Islam as being excessively sexist and restricting of women, it has revolutionized tremendously. Women have the choice to wear religious coverings in a majority of countries within the Middle East. There are few that require you to, thus making Islam more liberated. Liberation within religion is something that is becoming more and more common as society progresses to a less patriarchal way of

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