Essay On Gender Role Socialization

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The type of judgement cast upon by society all depends on if we are male or female. Distinguishing a male and female apart according to the physical difference of the body is known as an individual’s sex. While a person’s sex is determined by physical trait when determining gender, a different approach is taken. Gender is based upon the way a person should act according to their sex. At an early age we learn the difference of male and female roles through school, family, and media, which is known as gender role socialization. Gender role socialization occurs when a little girl learns to nurture her younger siblings by following the example set by their mother. The major influential concept that helps us separate male from female is social construction of gender. Social construction of gender is when we learn gender roles through society and interaction with others. Typically, when society expects for men and women to play a certain role based on their gender nothing good derive from it. An example of a negative impact caused by gender roles expectations is sexual entitlement. When sexual entitlement is found in men they think that women owe them sex due to their manliness.
The documentary film “Killing Us Softly” was originally created in 1979 by Jean
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Right when you think it cannot get any worse Jean leaks information regarding advertisements that dismembers women’s bodies. Generally, when this occurs advertisements promote the idea of women having big breast making women with small breast feel insecure about their cup size. When this insecurity is cast upon women the only way they see out is to get breast implants. Once they get breast implants their boobs turns into objects of someone else’s pleasure instead of their own since it causes women to lose sensation in their

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