Roles Of Gender Roles In Society Essay

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Gender Roles in Society
Gender roles are very prevalent in today’s society. Gender roles are a set of societal norms dictating the types of behaviors which are generally considered acceptable, appropriate, or desirable for people based on their actual or perceived sex or sexuality. In fact, every baby at birth, they are categorized into male or female. “Gender represents a spectrum of sociocultural roles, identities, and orientations that are distinct from one 's biological sex determined by genes, anatomy, gonads, and hormones” (as cited in Juster, Paul, Preussener, and Jens). Gender roles can affect not only how one views someone, but also how one might act towards one another. When one places someone based on their own gender, it is prejudiced because the idea of gender is simply a social construct. Not only is gender a social construct, but also it places expectations for females to display traditionally female traits such as empathy and nurturing, and males to display traditional male traits such as leadership and confidence (Scott et al, 2015).
Gender plays a very dominant role in the workforce, men are typically the ones who are expected to be and hired for more leadership roles
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In fact, society’s expectations of gender can have an effect on how one sees the world from the lenses of what is socially acceptable for one’s gender. Not only does gender play a big role in the world, but also whether or not society views to be appropriate based on the norms set forth. This not only includes masculine and feminine roles one might play, but also the expectations a certain gender may play in one’s identity. Gender roles play a dominant role not only in gender expression and expectations, but also in both the workforce and in terms of health. This is because men in higher education had 5 times the risk of dropout, while young women were more known to self-report poor mental health (Hjorth

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