Gender As A Social Institution Essay

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Judith Lorber (1994) describes gender as a type of institution that has established patterns of expectations for individuals based on whether they are male or female. She believes that gender affects individuals and their social interaction, gender is traceable, can be researched and examined. Gender establishes a set of expectations for us to follow and has a huge impact on social processes and its organization. This institution is purely based on a set of learned ideas that have shaped the way our society thinks and has nothing to do with our actual biology. These expectations dictate how we live our lives. Gender roles define people; they define what types of jobs we have, what types of degrees we hold, how we dress and how we act. Gender as a social institution has defined men and women and brought to light that there are differences between men and women that have led to a separation of the sexes.
Gender as a Social Institution
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When we are born we are immediately brought into this human-created institution. Instead of uniting us, gender as a structure does a better job at hindering us. Our parents begin dressing us in either pink or blue clothes, buying us either dolls or dinosaurs, setting expectations of how we dress, act and play based upon what gender we were assigned. However, the concept of gender as a social institution also gives us hope that we can change what is acceptable as either male or female and as time goes on we will see more and more change about how we define

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