Gender In Judith Lorber's The Social Construction Of Gender

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Imagine an entity whose is in a constant stage of metamorphosis yet seemingly goes unnoticed. Now imagine this entity is the definition of gender. Judith Lorber 's essay The Social Construction of Gender poses an effective argument to explain how and why gender is defined and constantly redefined through social interactions. In order to effectively argue her point of view Lorber 's essay is constructed with academic diction to appeal to her audience, logical reasoning to make content plausible and appeals to authority to give her content credibility.

Lorber creates academic diction through formal language to appeal to a target audience. "As a social institution, gender is a process of creating distinguishable social statues for the assignment of rights and responsibilities. As a part of a stratification system that ranks these statuses unequally, gender is a major building block in the social structure
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Her use of academic diction allows her content to reach her target audience. The formal language of the essay is familiar and appealing to those in academia. This is effective because Lorber is able to get her point view to the readers she is trying to influence. Without the correct audience the essay would not be effective. Her audience is most likely to believe her point of view because she shows the thought process that led to her conclusion through logical reasoning. Lorber 's logical reasoning allowed her point of view to be effective by proving to her reader that her conclusion is based in reality. Lorber logical reasoning makes her point of view plausible, but she adds more credibility to her point of view by employing appeals of authority. This tool is effective because it allows the reader to feel comfortable believing Lorber 's point of view because it is supported by

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