The Role Of Gender Identity In Today's Society

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One of the greatest labels a person wears in today’s society is their gender. If you are a male or a female dictates how you should speak, dress, act, and even which jobs you should perform. Certain expectations are specified to both males and females. Gender roles control numerous areas of our lives today. We live in a society that attempts to dictate who you should be, and what you should do grounded on your gender. Gender identity ought be whether we internally identify as male or female, but instead is often only defined by society and our anatomical sex. According to Yarber and Sayad, (2012) a person’s sex is determined by genetics and anatomical sex characteristics that identify whether a person is male or female. Gender is …show more content…
Although, I must admit that I might be seen as a tomboy as a do not fall into societal norms of dressing like a lady. Growing up, my father had a drug addiction and was often absent at home. Some actions that would be seen as a man’s job, I would often perform because there was no one else to do it. I was not scared to pick up a screw driver or hammer. I never felt like these actions defined my gender. Till this day if something has to be fixed or replaced at home, I do not expect my husband to do it. My step mom always encouraged me to build or put things together. I believe this helped me become an independent woman. This was helpful to my gender identity because I was given the liberty to act the way I felt. I believe if my step mom limited my actions at a younger age, it would have changed who I am …show more content…
It is unacceptable to know that we live in a society that still has a gender wage gap. Women are now expected to work for less compensation than men and still keep up with all of the housework. Gender inequality affects all of us. We should never be expected to act or dress a certain way based on our gender. Subsequently, every person is different. it is unfair to try to fit everyone into the same mold based on their sex. Consequently, I believe that it limits a person’s ability to succeed in life when boundaries are set-up to dictate how a person should live. In today’s society, men are still perceived as leaders and as being physically stronger. Women are still often perceived as the weaker sex. In addition, women are seen as objects and too often judged on just their looks. As a society we have a responsibility to strive for gender equality and respect each person, not merely their physical attributes but also their talents and personality. Therefore, men should be allowed to cry and women should be encouraged to be more than

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