Evolutionary Reproductive Strategies In Schools

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Throughout the span of human existence males and females have had different reproductive strategies that are relative to the reproductive success of each sex. They are learned at a young age, usually in the first few years of life when the mind is most susceptible and malleable to new information. Children learn these strategies through parental influence and through the more modern invention, schools. Schools reinforce evolutionary reproductive strategies through the teacher’s behaviors and teaching styles, the teacher’s expectations of certain behaviors and rewarding such behaviors, allowing children to attend sex-segregated schools, and through school textbooks. The focus of this paper will be on analyzing how young children are treated …show more content…
The modern world has changed a lot and some of the past roles are no longer necessary for each sex to specifically perform, such as hunting for males, or clothes making for females. In the U.S., we have unlimited access to resources that make our lives easier. Our society is no longer rigid in the roles we must perform. Each gender can choose occupations that best suit them rather than being limited to those of the sex they represent. Occupations such as being a female doctor or a male nurse. Child minds need to be open to the possibility that gender roles can be fluid. Schools specifically need to be more mindful of the ways they may be influencing young children. Teachers need to eliminate their behavior expectations of each sex and treat them more equally. Such as allowing females to answer higher intellectual questions more often. Teachers also need to be more mindful of their own behaviors and the ways they may reinforce the sex stereotypes, such as reinforcing “little girl behaviors” on females. Instead they need to be more gender neutral, not expecting certain behaviors from each sex. Sex-segregated schools should be closed, or start allowing both sexes to attend to reduce peer reinforcement. School textbooks manufactures need to be more mindful of the pictures they choose to put in the books and the ways they talk about males and female behaviors, so they don’t heavily influence the child’s view of male and female roles. Society should make an effort to eliminate these biases it contains. Teach boys that taking care of the home and children is good. Teach girls that having jobs at the top of industries is something to strive for. Allowing children to grow up without stereotypes could facilitate growth in the ways that females and males view and treat each

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