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  • The Influence Of Gemeninschaft Relationships In Minnesota

    gemeinschaft relationships and gessellschaft relationships (Schriver, 2011). Gemeninschaft relationships are ones that are based on shared ideas; whereas, gessellchaft relationships are ones based on doing favors (Schriver, 2011). After reviewing most of the data stated in the background information about Alexandria, I believe this city uses gemenischaft relationships. Alexandria seems like a city that is based on family. Many of the community members share similar ideas, and the culture is not very diverse. For example, a majority of the population have Christian views (City-Data, 2016). This shows that they share similar traditions, such as celebrating Christmas and Easter. Over 90% of the population is white, again showing how this community is not well-diverse (City-Data, 2016). Also more than half of the registered voters in this community are republicans, which shows that they have more conservative traditions (City-Data, 2016). This community would also be considered an agricultural community, thus relating to gemenischaft relationships. Overall, this community certainly has many of the same traditions and…

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  • New Life Mobile Soup Kitchen

    at New Life Community Development and at the St. John’s Bread and Life Mobile Soup Kitchen, I learned quite a few valuable things. When I first started my academic service learning, I went in with the attitude of getting the job done and leaving. I had no intention of enjoying the experience. Although that changed when I walked into the Mobile Soup Kitchen on a grimy Monday afternoon with a whole line of people waiting outside the truck. I immediately started to prepare for the long hours inside…

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  • My Personal Philosophy Of The Student Affairs Field

    students to gain these opportunities is reflected in the model I have established following support tools for student services by challenging students growth and development by challenging their educational and leadership opportunities. Also by guiding students to commit to their own educational experience, develop their own set of morals and beliefs and establish goals for their future career. Lastly, it is important provide students with community to establish their identity as emerging…

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  • The Importance Of Building A Community

    Determining what would best help me create a community on my floor took time. I learned that keeping my door open and engaging in conversation with residents whenever possible – in the dining hall, while brushing teeth, or even in passing around campus – really helped to establish relationships. Forming an interest survey early on in the semester was helpful in planning activities with higher attendance rates. For example, through the survey, I was able to determine that the majority of my…

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  • Strategic Community Response Paper

    For years, community groups, neighborhood organizations, and concerned residents from all walks of life have been working to make their communities healthier. They have fought against the closing of local hospitals, pushed for increased funding for clinics, and developed new programs to address the needs of the underserved. Their work, grounded in the history and experience of efforts to effect social change, offers valuable lessons we can use to improve the quality of health care in our own…

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  • Commodity Exchanges

    stable society and legal system. They may bring peace because the practices need negotiation, common agreement and mutual satisfaction. I use the theory of network relations by referring Mauss’s working on gift because it has a greater moral implication in the contemporary socio-political activities. His work cannot be oversimplified as a romanticization of a primitive society or non-market society. In modern societies, people do not always maximize their individual gain in some way, but they…

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  • Social Capital And Social Inequality Essay

    Social inequality is prevalent amongst urban communities in the United states. There are many implications of linking community development and social capital. There are many impacts of social inequality in urban communities such lacking socio-economic opportunity, inaccessibility to education, healthcare, and social mobility. There are many structural and cultural factors that need to be included in order to fully analyze the impacts of social inequality in communities. For the purpose of this…

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  • The Impact Of Communication Technology On Teenagers

    Many would say that teens are “the future of tomorrow” where thanks to what they learn, it will impact them and the future of society. It is with that knowledge that, when we see many teenagers on their phone using some kind of social media, we worry for the future of America. A justifiable worry as 95% of teenagers in the United States currently go online and 80% of them partake in some type of social media. (Cookingham and Ryan 2). Teens make up a large portion of the most famous social…

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  • Cultivating Communities Of Practice Book Review

    Vitaliy Greben ML581-47099 Wenger, Etienne, Richard McDermott, and William M. Snyder. 2002. Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing Knowledge. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. INTRODUCTION In Cultivating Communities of Practice, Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott, and William M. Snyder write about the way of sharing and applying knowledge across the usual boundaries of organizations. They call it communities of practice, which come together around particular interests…

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  • Bowling Alone By Putman Summary

    bags full of fresh and canned goods and deliver them to those who come for assistance and occasionally make announcements to the church about St. Vincent de Paul. My interaction there was with a small part of the church and with the community around the church that would come to the pantry seeking help. Presently I am a member of the TAMU Artists organization which is mostly for being a part of a community and having an organization to share your thoughts and ideas, also I have participated in…

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