The Importance Of Social Change In Health Care

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For years, community groups, neighborhood organizations, and concerned residents from all walks of life have been working to make their communities healthier. They have fought against the closing of local hospitals, pushed for increased funding for clinics, and developed new programs to address the needs of the underserved. Their work, grounded in the history and experience of efforts to effect social change, offers valuable lessons we can use to improve the quality of health care in our own communities. These lessons can inform the methods we use and the choices we make to steer our own community 's concerns.
This framework for planning and action provides specific steps group can take to effectively address its healthcare issues. The ideas offered here are flexible enough to
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One of the major keys to success in organizing is to continually build community participation at all levels. This framework will help us accomplish that goal by offering ways to outreach to new community groups and individuals and involve them in healthcare action. Together we can achieve the broader goal of improved health in community. Although the framework is outlined as a step-by-step procedure, effecting change rarely proceeds in an orderly fashion. The italicized highlights from the case studies accompanying the framework illustrate this point. We will notice that all three community groups had to be flexible in working with limited resources and changing environments. Developing a community-based response to healthcare issues is a dynamic process: Groups must be ready to respond to both internal and external changes. In building our diverse base of support, we must help group members identify their common interests. This can be done through educational sessions and team-building exercises. The group must also learn how to deal

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