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  • National Postsecondary Student Aid Study

    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to use advances in technology to make the commute to college more productive for students living off-campus. This topic would fall under Education because it focuses on postsecondary education students and aims to solve one of their problems. Introduction: According to the 2011-2012 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study, only about twelve percent of United States undergraduate students live on-campus (Radwin, et al). That leaves a vast majority of undergraduates commuting to their campus. For some, the commute is only minutes, while for others, such as myself, it can take more than 45 minutes, not including traffic. This extended period of time traveling to and from campus means that less time is available…

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  • The Importance Of Commuting

    important aspects of life is time, meaning there must be a way to balance everything we do with it. Time is the one constant that all can agree is something we never have enough of. Commuting is one aspect that loses quality time with your loved ones. “Suburban sprawl has fractured the spatial integrity of people’s. They travel much further to work, shop and enjoy leisure opportunities. As a result there is less time available (and less inclination) to become involved in groups” (Putnam).…

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  • Corporate Nomadism

    they move up in their profession. According to Kotkin, “Family and technology are two key factors working against nomadism, in the workplace and elsewhere” (454). This trend is crescendoing drastically over just a decade. More than 20% of Americans work from home, and is expected to be at least 63% within five years ( This career alternative to the average everyday commute saves workers and companies, time and money; All the while, maintaining a satisfying attitude towards work and…

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  • Telecommuting: A Case Study

    requests can increase stress and cause distractions. Teleworkers may appear to be more accessible since they are visible to the family, even though work may be equally or even more demanding. Family members may not realize that the teleworker is participating in teleconferences or meetings. It becomes an unintentional interruption or distraction (Fan Ng, 2010, p. 144). Another distraction or interruption is pets. Often times an animal might misbehave, bark, request attention during working…

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  • Chariot Swot Analysis

    Chariots arrive every several minutes and boast of a 95% on-time performance. It has an app for both iPhone and Android. Commuters can reserve a seat, check schedule, live-track its van, buy tickets, and communicate with its drivers thru this app. It has four types of ticket. The more rides one buys, the cheaper per ride. Commuters can pay even less with pre-tax dollars using pre- paid transit card, Commuter Check voucher, or WageWorks account. Pain Relievers Chariot has taken away the commuting…

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  • The Role Of Discrimination In Schools

    discrimination can be addressed in this context by focusing on the parity that exists between the commuter students and the non-commuting students in relation to the availability of services provided for by the learning institution (Dan, 2011).…

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  • Traffic In Jakarta Essay

    population that the city has to accommodate, the lack of public transportation and the slow-growth of roads to accommodate cars to travel on to As a city that is ranked to be the worst in traffic in the world, the largest problem that Jakarta has to overcome is the challenge of having an impacted amount of commuters getting in and out of Jakarta. With an area of just 256.4 miles, it has to fit in people who live in the city itself and people who live in the outskirts of Jakarta that commutes…

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  • Hartzog Documentary Analysis

    Hartzog: Documentary Pitch 1. This documentary will be about the lives of commuter students and working students at UNO. Commuting to school on a daily basis can be a challenge for some students, especially if they are working at the same time. I will interview a few different students who commute and get their opinions on the matter. We will discuss how long it takes to get to class, if they have ever had a problem getting to class on time, and if the amount they spend on gas is worth it. I…

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  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working From Home

    Many individuals in today’s industries work from home. You will find that the benefits of working from home far out weigh the struggles of having an office job. While you have a bit more flexibility working as a freelance writer rather than with an actual company that delegates work, the benefits of working from home are similar. Jobs working from home can include writing, medical transcription, telecommuting, IT positions, and many more choices. When you consider a job from home, you need to…

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  • Coo Cooi-Lack Of Creativity

    Every community or group is shaped by at least one folklore. This folklore assist in creating what the community values and it contributes in how the community functions. For example, growing up in the Hispanic community, there were millions of folklores that existed. One that really stood out to me as a child regarded something that my parents would call the “coo cooi.” This figure was a spanish version of the boogey man and was used to scare me off when I wanted to do something that my parents…

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