The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working From Home

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Many individuals in today’s industries work from home. You will find that the benefits of working from home far out weigh the struggles of having an office job. While you have a bit more flexibility working as a freelance writer rather than with an actual company that delegates work, the benefits of working from home are similar. Jobs working from home can include writing, medical transcription, telecommuting, IT positions, and many more choices. When you consider a job from home, you need to look at the advantages and the disadvantages. Companies that allow telecommuting also have to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages.

When you first begin working from home, you might not be sure you can make it successful enough to pay the bills.
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When new mothers have jobs working from home they find a flexible schedule that allows them to get the sleep they need to be productive and still spend time with their infant. There are also other advantages for anyone including mothers working from home. When you have a home based business, there are tax advantages because you can right off your home expenses as business. In other words, a percentage of your rent or mortgage payments, depreciation, property taxes, insurance, utilities, and expenses for household repairs or improvements can be deducted. Other financial benefits include saving money on gas for a commute, car repairs due to road accidents or just general wear and tear on a vehicle. Productivity increases as well. We have mentioned that new mothers get the sleep they need, which helps increase productivity, but you also have to look at the lower stress. When workplace politics or the constant stream of talking and interruptions does not stress you out you tend to have a higher productivity. Being at home allows you to listen to music you prefer or have complete silence if that is how you work. Time management is also a benefit because you can schedule breaks when you need them to let your mind rest while still getting the work done. We have looked at the advantages from an employee’s perspective, now let us look at some of the same advantages for employers. First employers can save money, just like the employee. An employer can save money based on less space needed for their employees, which means a lower rent. They can also save money on furniture, facilities maintenance, and equipment. When a person works from home, they will generally have the computer equipment needed for the position and a phone line. While the company will have to provide the software and perhaps help set up some of the

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