Hartzog Documentary Analysis

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Hartzog: Documentary Pitch
1. This documentary will be about the lives of commuter students and working students at UNO. Commuting to school on a daily basis can be a challenge for some students, especially if they are working at the same time. I will interview a few different students who commute and get their opinions on the matter. We will discuss how long it takes to get to class, if they have ever had a problem getting to class on time, and if the amount they spend on gas is worth it. I will interview a student who lives an hour away, as long as a student who lives fifteen minutes away. Though they are extremely far from each other, I will be able to get an insight on the similarities and differences of their commutes. One of the students
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I plan to interview Sophia Parandian, a junior at UNO who commutes from Covington, Louisiana. Sophia has a double major (Biology and Chemistry) and a double minor (Creative Writing and Psychology). She is the student without a job. She is a perfect candidate for an interview because she has a great deal of school work, along with driving an hour to class. She will explain how her hefty workload and commute effect how well she does in school. The second interviewee is Daphne Zimmer, a Junior at UNO studying English. Daphne lives in Mid-City and has a fifteen-minute commute to class. She has a part-time job where she usually works 4 days a week. I will be asking her questions about how involved she can be in student life, as well as juggling a part-time job. She is a good candidate because we will be able to compare and contrast her and Sophia’s school …show more content…
This subject is important because there is a large controversy with the workload that students have to go through. There have been studies on how much homework a student should have without causing them severe anxiety. I would like to determine whether each of these students are able to balance everything they have going on in their lives with school. UNO has plenty of commuter students, so this subject is specifically important to UNO’s student body. It is important to compare and contrast the pros and cons of living off of campus and having a job. This subject will hit home with many students, and most will be able to connect with the interviewees. The student’s I am going to interview are very diverse, especially when it comes to the workload they have. Sophia is taking twenty-two hours, while Daphne is taking twelve. It is important to study the stress that each student endures, along with the stress of getting to school on time. I believe it is an important subject, and will gain profit. This documentary is relatable to all college students, and can ultimately be a successful piece of work. Even those who are not in college can relate to the subject matter if they commute to work on a daily basis. This documentary will deeply explore the stress factors that come along with balancing work, school, and play. I believe it is imperative for people of all ages to pay attention to the subject

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