Healthy Eating Informative Speech

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In a nation leading in obesity, healthy eating is more important than ever, but some individuals may not know where to start with all the ads for new dieting tricks and the variety of foods to choose from. Today I will be discussing what causes poor eating, what makes eating healthier unappealing and what ways can one make healthy eating a part of their everyday life. What causes poor eating? Three main factors that contribute to poor eating are stress, bad habits that are instilled from a young age and mindless eating. Students often experience various forms of stress in their everyday lives, whether it be, pressures from other peers, various upsets within their family, self-esteem, or trying to maintain a social life while keeping up with …show more content…
There are various factors that make healthy eating unappealing to those who have not tried it before, some being the price of the healthy food being more expensive, being stuck in one’s own habits, or not knowing where to start. With the price of something as simple as spinach costing $4 - $7 and the cost of a deluxe meal at most fast food restaurant costing about the same, it is difficult to affordably make the switch over to choosing healthier options. Being stuck in a routine can also affect ones affinity to want to change their eating habits for the better, training oneself to choose a healthier option vs the normal junk food can be difficult, especially for those trying to quit cold turkey. Figuring out where to start on the spectrum of healthy eating is can also be a deterrent when trying to transition into a healthier eating, with the various diets to choose from and all the options for healthier foods, it can be a bit …show more content…
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