Super Chief Documentary Analysis

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Native Americans have continuously been removed from their land to adhere to the business interests of gold miners, the casino industry, and oil miners. For the purposes of this assignment, I viewed the documentary "Super Chief" as well as "Native American Boomtown". By viewing these documentaries, I will answer the question of what happened to the money that was made, and how it was spent on the reservation.

Both documentaries talked about money fraud in the government, and how the citizens of the reservations were being affected. In both documentaries, the money that was made from the casino and the oil industries was being spent on the government officials. In some cases, no money made it into the hands of the people on the reservations.
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Greed and selfishness flourished in the Native American reservations that were discussed in the documentaries. The money that was made from the industries often went into the government officials pockets, not the people of the reservation. As a result of this, most people lived in trailer homes; primarily in the White Earth Indian reservation. For example, in the documentary "Super Chief" the people on the White Earth Indian reservation live in one of the poorest areas of Minnesota. Those who were not a part of Chairman Chip Wadena's inner circle tended to live in the most dilapidated areas on the reservation. Most of the buildings were run down, and the trash was strewn everywhere. This was similar to the way that the people on the reservation in the "Native American Boomtown" …show more content…
Most of the time this stemmed from the fact that the money that was made from the operations was given to corrupt government officials. People like Chairman Chip Wadena abused his position by rigging the elections and taking money from the casinos for his own personal use. Despite the sad themes of the two documentaries, the documentary "Super Chief" ended on a good note. Chip Wadena was not reelected, and he was charged with fraud at the federal level of court. The common factor between these two documentaries was the fact that most people were oblivious to what occurred on the reservation. For example, in the documentary "Super Chief" one of the reasons why Chip was able to be reelected was due to the fact that most people who lived outside the reservation didn't know about the fraud that was being committed. Also, in regards to the profits that the casino was bringing in, most people didn't know. Nick, the narrator from "Super Chief" mentioned that according to the official federal statistics, "the tribe brings in $55 million a year, and $35 million of that comes from the Casino. The revenue from the casino should be given to the people. The ending of the documentary "Super Chief" proves, that when people come together and unite against a common issue, they can achieve

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