Discrimination In Education

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Discrimination has often assumed many forms in the educational sphere. According to sociology, human beings tend to relates based on shared or common characteristics which define the group organizational mechanics and these strategies for grouping can be said to be discriminatory to some level (Dan, 2011). In a school set up, diversity can occur based on different factors which could include race, skin color, physical disposition and even areas of dwelling for the given students. Issues of discrimination can be addressed in this context by focusing on the parity that exists between the commuter students and the non-commuting students in relation to the availability of services provided for by the learning institution (Dan, 2011).
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Commuting learners are likely to spend very limited time within the school environment and a resultantly, they are likely to miss out on some school programs and services which seem to favor the residential learners. The availability of equal opportunity exists but it must be noted that some of the commuting students have very little to do within the school as they could possibly try to ensure the smooth operation of both their school lives and their lives out of school. This factor could impede any attempts at the provision of equal opportunities especially those that involve activities outside the classroom …show more content…
Research shows that in as much as most campuses try to schedule their activities to be as inclusive as possible, more often than not, the commuting students are disadvantaged. Considerations of time and availability still affect the programs. The commuting students do not get the exposure that the non-commuters have. This has led to a disparity between the two groups of students as those who live in the school environment have exhibited marked improvement in their social and personal competencies (Lauren, 2015). The interaction that occurs within campus halls of residence is very beneficial to the development of interpersonal relationships, this is not possible for the commuting students who often have to run home or to work hence their participation in other school activities is very limited (Dan,

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