The Role Of Discrimination In Schools

Discrimination has often assumed many forms in the educational sphere. According to sociology, human beings tend to relates based on shared or common characteristics which define the group organizational mechanics and these strategies for grouping can be said to be discriminatory to some level (Dan, 2011). In a school set up, diversity can occur based on different factors which could include race, skin color, physical disposition and even areas of dwelling for the given students. Issues of discrimination can be addressed in this context by focusing on the parity that exists between the commuter students and the non-commuting students in relation to the availability of services provided for by the learning institution (Dan, 2011).
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This is important in enunciating a common ground from which generalizations can be made in order to ensure a common play field for all the students regardless of whether they are commuting or residents within their given campus (Lauren, 2015). This would therefore answer the question on the provision of equal opportunities for both commuters and non …show more content…
According to Scott (2008), commuting is almost always based on the need to consolidate the limited cash by ignoring pleasures such as boarding in the learning institution. Almost always, such students are from lower strata in the economic stratification ladder; this means that the student could be poor or disadvantaged (Marissa, 2014).
Additionally, Kuh (2001) posits that the students who commute are more likely to have other personal obligations which they have to meet and as such involvement in school activities is always to be limited. In most instances, these obligations could involve businesses or jobs that form their support systems which are in most cases, found outside the school environment (Lauren, 2015). It cannot be ignored that sometimes the commuting students could be as well raising their families on the side as they study. This would mean that they spend only the required time within the school compound after which they run to their homes and

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