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  • Damages In Contract Law: Behnke V Bede Shipping Company

    2.3.1 Damages in Contract Law Definition of damages Damages are monetary compensation for the damage, loss or injury that a party has suffered through a breach of contract. Damages for breach of contract are available as of right upon the proof of breach. Damages under the Contracts Act 1950 Section 74 of the Contract Act limits a plaintiff’s claim for damages caused by a breach of contract. While Section 74(1) provides for damages occasioned in the normal cause of things, Section 74(2) emphasizes that no compensation should be given for any remote and indirect loss or damage sustained. Section 74 can be divided into two limbs which set the limits of damages claimable. 1. The First…

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  • Metropolitan Fire Systems Pty Ltd V Miller Company Law

    As we know, directors are appointed by shareholders to manage a business. According to the law, directors have general power of management and members cannot override the decisions of the board. Directors have great power to control business activities. The law designs a series of directors’ duties to make sure the directors manage the company responsibly basic on interests of the company. However, whether those duties are effective in legal practice is a debate. In my opinion, the duty to act…

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  • Intranet Case Study

    Average Maturity Average time to maturity of all fixed-period investments in the portfolio of a scheme. Appreciation An increase in an investment's value. Broker A broker is a licensed person authorized to receive commissions. Brokers are always affiliated with a brokerage company, or broker-dealer network. He is basically a salesman who sells stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Capital Market A market where debt or equity securities are traded. Call money Money, which is, loaned in the…

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  • Big Data Analytics Assessment

    This system will generate large amount of data which created high demand on Big Data analytic. 6.External to organization: The ability on Big Data analytic usually comes from IT companies outside the organizations, therefore, they do not have the control on it. It triggered business entities to develop their own capability on Big Data analytic to reduce dependency and increase control. 7.Importance of unstructured data: The characteristic of unstructured data which either does not have a…

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  • Case Study: Physical Presence In Hawaii

    the Case Law a. The Company does not have Physical Presence in Hawaii The Company itself does not have a physical presence in Hawaii. The CRNAs, who are independent contractors (some operating as separate business entities), performed all the services related to the contract with the Facility, in Hawaii. As discussed in the facts above, the Company is essentially a temporary contracting organization. Its mission is to connect Facilities in need of services with CRNAs looking for work. The…

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  • Smart Engineering Pty Ltd Case Study Answers

    Smart Engineering Pty Ltd. Case involves Alex who is its managing director that accepted a $100,000 order for the supply of steel cables to Shifty Sellers Pty Ltd. This order was placed by the director of Shifty Sellers Pty Ltd, Max. The order was then delivered on credit to Shifty Sellers Pty Ltd. that failed to pay for the steel cables. Prior to the supply of the steel cables, Max had been known to be a bad credit risk by Alex and in the engineering industry. In the liquidation process of…

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  • Gopro Case Study

    employees. GoPro exceeds this threshold with flying colors. Economic Activity: 1. As of January of 2016, GoPro’s stock sits at $17.00 ($GPRO), which is an all-time low for the company. One could argue that this “recession,” or…

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  • The Corporate Veil Analysis

    The Corporate Veil In the Law and Order episode “The Corporate Veil” the standard of morality is cheapened by the insatiable need for easy money. Many characters throughout the episode displayed that behavior in varying degrees. In addition, we also see how laws not being in place allow such activities to go on. In the episode we meet a young boy named Roberto Martinez, who two years ago had an operation for the installation of a pacemaker. Tragically Roberto dies and the police are called…

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  • Violation Of Privacy

    their telecommunication companies requesting a data collection in order to evaluate the amount of privacy an individual receives based on their usage. Unfortunately, when requesting for the information from Fido, they were not able to send it within 30 days. In this essay we will be exploring how terms and condition, and policy privacy can cause individuals to forget the importance of securing and understanding what is done with the information when registering…

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  • The Responsibility Of The Corporate Executive, And The Community

    This essay will discuss the responsibility of the corporate executive and where it lies. We will see if he is accountable to the shareholders, as well as the community. The responsibility of the corporate executive general lies in maintaining the company standards. He’s primarily accountable to the community, well also being accountable to his shareholders and the company. It’s his job as the corporate executive to place policies and practices in motion to keep the company strong and honest. By…

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