Intranet Case Study

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To use to whole language approach as a TESLO teaching method to teach business professionals I would focus on the reading&writing-side of learning. This is to achieve frequent reading, reading and writing for business purposes, business analysis and researches. Based on the fact the most business professional would already have some understanding of English and they are familiar of the basic knowledge of reading and writing in their own language, I would make the learning process and contents literature-based. I would collect articles which are not only meaningful but also embody some language knowledge so that the students can develop in all aspects.
During the reading process, I would provide more chances for the students to do some contextual comprehension practice. I would put this into reality by questioning, discussing, retelling the text, etc. After the reading part, I would ask the students to create and design the situational context and do some writing. In this way, the understanding of the text in its context can help the students to understand it as a
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Intranet is internal of private network of an organization based on internet technology and accessed over the internet. It is for the exclusive use of the organization and its associate and is protected from unauthorized access with security systems. It often comes with internal E-mail system, forum and information issuing system which help to develop the efficiency of communicating within the organization.
Q3. Definitions:
-Information overload: stress induced by reception of more information than is necessary to make a decision and by attempts to deal with it with out dated time management practices.
-Data security: protecting a database from destructive forces and the unwanted actions of unauthorized users.
-Information privacy: the relationship between collection and dissemination of data.
-Usenet: users’ network.
-Multimedia: integration of animation, audio, graphics, text, and full-motion video through computer hardware and soft ware for education, entertainment, or training.
-Spam: mass mailing over the internet by sending promotional messages to practically everyone whose email address is known, without asking for anyone’s permission.
-Attachment: a computer file appended to an email.
-Download: the act or process of downloading data.
Q4. Definitions:
-Relevance: relevance is to measure whether the information given is closely connected or appropriate to the matter in hand or

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