Briefly Describe The Students In The Classroom

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1. Briefly describe the students in this class, including those with special needs.
This class is made up of a fourth grades diverse in ability, interests, cultural background and upbringing. Even though the class is made up of diverse students, the students are collectively a group of energetic and polite children. In the classroom, there is a total of twenty students. Thirteen girls and seven boys aged 9-10 are present in the classroom. Amongst the twenty students, a variety of different needs and abilities are present. The students with special needs include students with attention deficit disorder.

2. What are the learning outcomes for this lesson?
The learning outcomes of this lesson is for the students to successfully make inferences
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During Theme Three of reading, we will be focusing on inferencing and the students will be introduced to gestures so that they will remember what pieces go into to making an inferencing. The gestures encourage all the students to engage in the lesson by moving to reinforce the concept being taught. An instructional material I will be using is the text Rules by Cynthia Lord. During the first month and a half of the school year I have notice that the students in this class are more engaged in the lesson if they are interested in the text and able to make connections to the text as they read. I decided to use this text instead of the text presented in the Literacy by Design manual because I feel the students will be more engaged in this story resulting in more students successfully demonstrating the skill …show more content…
The first will occur during our read aloud when I ask the students to turn and talk after the mini lesson. This turn and talk will allow me to monitor the student’s thinking. As they discuss the questions presented with a partner, I am able to walk around and make observations about this discussion. If I notice that students are not properly demonstrating the skill, once the discussion is over, I may ask a student that properly discussed the skill share what they said with the entire class. I will then remind the students how to properly make an inference and address any misconceptions. The students will also be assessed by their ability to make an inference while reading their independent reading book. During Daily Five, the students will be asked to make an inferce as they read. This form of assessment will help me recognize the students that have a true understanding of this skill and are able to use the skill independently. I plan to use the results of this assessment to tailor my future lesson. If I notice during the turn and talk that not a lot of students understand the skill, I know that I will need to continue modeling my thinking when making an inference. On the other hand, if the students are able to successful turn and talk and complete the organizer independently, I will provide more opportunity for the students to practice the skill

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