The Importance Of My Approach To Reading

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My approach to reading has changed over the semester. Before this class, I would just read without taking notes. In reading, I would just read instead of looking up the difficult word or using context clues to figure out what the word means. Now during my reading I annotate and look up unknown vocabulary words. When I look up the difficult word, I would find the closest appropriate definition. This will benefit me next semester and other classes by taking notes and read the questions before I start the reading.

My writing has changed over the semester. During this class, I have learned how to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Prior to this class, my writing would have a lot of run-on sentences, incomplete sentences, and repetition sentences. I am now learning how to combine sentences appropriately and to have a stronger vocabulary.
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I feel frustrated because it was hard to find good information and have enough supporting details. I feel satisfied with these essays because the tools from this semester have made my writing stronger. The tools that I have received from this class is building a stronger vocabulary, stronger sentences, and appropriate grammar along with spelling. The writing and revision process for both these assignments was challenging. The writing and revision process for both these assignments was challenging because it was hard to find good reliable information and made sure that were no errors. For example, one of the assignments we did in class was a cause and effect essay. The topic I chose for the cause and effect essay was “The Effects of Being a Firefighter.” I had the hardest time looking for good reliable and appropriate

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