Reflective Essay: My Improvement In College English Composition

Improvement is a very positive factor in any line of work. It is seen when you adapt and overcome possible failures overtime, in order to benefit yourself. Through my time in College English Composition one I have improved in a vast number of areas. Whether in grammar or structure, or just the common flow of my essays I feel that I have become a better overall writer over this semester. This was in grave part thanks to my instructors for correcting my mistakes and leading me to the right direction, whether it was tough criticism or not. Mistakes cannot always be seen as a negative, as you can move on and correct them to better your knowledge. From my first essay this semester to my last I have seen a vigorous amount of improvement. Not only seen in my grades, but in the way my writing has transitioned between paragraphs and topics. This has helped my work flow more and added a keen sense of intelligence. I have seen much improvement in my essays but have seen the most significant change from my first entrance essay “My season”, to my major events essay “Wayward Feelings”, to my final argumentative essay “A Helpful Hand”. Coming into this semester and class I knew I was a good “writer” but I knew the grammar side of it needed improvement. In my first essay of the semester “My season” I noticed …show more content…
But maybe none better than “A Helpful Hand” where I argued for forced vaccinations. In this essay I used strong paragraph transitions and also great flow when I eased on to the next elements of my paper (“A Helpful Hand”). I felt that this essay, coming as my last contained the multiple improvements that I have learned all year. Giving me a great chance to finish off with a strong essay. Which is always wanted in any class where you are given the opportunities to learn from your mistakes and build off them. This essay in no means was perfect, but had accomplished what I had wanted to do at the beginning of the

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