Edu Corporation Case Analysis

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1. Overview
Edu Corp relies on its elite employee base to conduct company operations on a daily basis. With the growing concerns of privacy and security, Edu Corp has created a detailed, structured policy in order to preserve the security, integrity, and efficiency our employees, along with Edu Corp’s customers and digital assets. In select industries or businesses, the integrity and security awareness of a company’s employees are critical for safe, successful, and efficient operations (Prince, 2015). As a result, Edu Corp enforces a strict Employee Policy. In order to retain an authentic, knowledgeable, and esteemed base of employees, Edu Corp advocates for a comprehensive, challenging hiring process, performs background checks and extensive
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• Conduct a comprehensive credit check.
Edu Corp also contracts third-party companies to conduct annual, post-hire background checks and credentialing for all employees of the company. During the post-hire screening period, the employee under evaluation is not permitted to work. Edu Corp also adheres to all local, state, and federal laws concerning employment and background checking.
Third Party Association For a multitude of purposes, Edu Corp may enter into contracts with external, third-party companies. Forming contracts with third-party companies can often pose significant advantages and disadvantages (Mortorana, 2013). However, no single person is permitted to make contracting decisions on behalf of Edu Corp. Rather, every contracting decision must be evaluated and approved by Edu Corp’s Operations Board, which consists of select company officials, managers, and other employees. Edu Corp’s Operations Board is obligated to properly vet, research, and assess each potential partner company before entering into a contract. While Edu Corp does not publicly release all criteria utilized to evaluate potential partner companies, the following criteria must be met for

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