Big Data Analytics Assessment

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Big Data & Predictive Analytics Assessment
Student Name: Haryo Pamujo Tri Achtiaji Date: Nov 30, 2016
This assessment seeks your opinion about the information presented and the value of that information to you.

Analytics Executive: Ralph Baker Date: 11/29/20156
Topic: Big Data & Predictive Analytics
What did you learn?
I learned how Big Data can provide very important benefits to the decision making in the real world. As we know, data volume and data traffic now are growing larger along with technology advances and lifestyle changes, and also involves almost all of our daily life. Therefore, with the higher complexity of today’s problems, the needs of higher capability to manage, analyse, interpret, and make conclusion
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This system will generate large amount of data which created high demand on Big Data analytic.
6.External to organization: The ability on Big Data analytic usually comes from IT companies outside the organizations, therefore, they do not have the control on it. It triggered business entities to develop their own capability on Big Data analytic to reduce dependency and increase control.
7.Importance of unstructured data: The characteristic of unstructured data which either does not have a pre-defined data model or is not organized in a pre-defined manner needs higher capability of data processing to provide data analytic for the users. As data nowadays may be generated in a very high variety and also unstructured, the need of Big Data analytic becomes crucial to solve the problem.
8.More internet addresses: The more internet addresses, the more computer devices and users, the more data created that needs to be analysed to provide useful information. This emerges the need of Big Data
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I would like to have more real business cases that utilize the benefits of Big Data analytic in solving their business challenges. It will be better if we have more perspectives of the implementation of Big Data analytic on different aspects of industry such as marketing, operations, procurements, etc. Also, the information about the risks of security and privacy issues would be very useful in providing insights to real business world.

How would you rate the speaker? (Circle one)
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Other Comments
From the perspective of graduate student with working experience in a business entity, I think the course materials presented by Mr. Ralph Baker have successfully given me lot of new insights that fit the course goal. Thank you for allowing us to have it,

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