Social Capital And Social Inequality Essay

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Social inequality is prevalent amongst urban communities in the United states. There are many implications of linking community development and social capital. There are many impacts of social inequality in urban communities such lacking socio-economic opportunity, inaccessibility to education, healthcare, and social mobility. There are many structural and cultural factors that need to be included in order to fully analyze the impacts of social inequality in communities. For the purpose of this research, the focus areas will include low income urban communities in America.
The body of research I will be using will focus on how development social capital affect community development in urban areas in addressing inequality. Specifically, how the social capital affects inequalities of socioeconomic status and racism in minority multicultural communities. Because of their income deficit (Quillian et al. 2016: 1051) and general systematic inequality (Treviz and Lopez 2016: 684-685), community members can use the development of their own social capital to mobilize themselves economically and create social change.
Past Research
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Social capital in this context is defined by Guagnano as “institutions, relationships, the attitudes and values that coincide with interactions among people and contribute to economic and social development”(Guagnano et al. 2016: 883). This implies social capital is the network of relationships in which people use to navigate society which emphasizes trust and cooperation. This has many implications of contributing to the outcomes of social and economic development. There is a clear connection to use social capital as a tool to create community agency in mitigating and combating social

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