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  • Student Depression Case Study

    academic support services in York University, I once came across a family who was distressed about their child’s education. The student had experienced adversity during first year, which led to poor grades and as a result, unable to continue his studies, and jeopardized his student visa. The family vented their frustration, confusion and was overwhelmed by the situation. As I spoke to the student in private, he demonstrated signs of isolation, guilt, shame, and felt pressured to continue school. Through these interactions I recognized some potential symptoms of depression. First, I made an appointment with the family and the student to meet with my seniors. I assisted my supervisors with the assessment of his case, discussing potential interventions and liaised with the appropriate departments. During the appointments, I, along with my supervisors, utilized active listening, reframing, and goal settings skills to provide the student and their family tools to cope with the situation and put it into a different perspective. Guided by my supervisor, I continued to follow up with him to ensure his overall…

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  • Reflection On Social Work Opportunities

    Opportunities that I could have done something more about Networking with other social and community services in the community I appreciate that the PNWHC gave me a lot of learning opportunities during my placement. I enjoyed attending monthly members meetings hosted by Community Service Council (CSC), and Manawatu Abuse Intervention Network (MAIN) because I was able to meet social workers and key workers from a wide range of social and community service agencies in Palmerston North. Listening…

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  • Analysis: The Palmerston North Women's Health Collective

    Reflection Worksheet Introduction The Palmerston North Women’s Health Collective (PNWHC) has been part of the community since 1984 and providing the women of the Manawatu region with information and support on a wide range of health and well-being issues. The PNWHC offers free services such as pregnancy tests and cervical screening, and low cost services including counselling and natural therapies (The Palmerston North Women’s Health Collective [the PNWHC], 2014). The PNWHC was not my first…

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  • AFJROTC Reflection

    Jointing AFJROTC has changed my overall attitude of how I view the Air Force. It has allowed me to get a better insight on how things are run in the Air Force. AFJROTC has allowed me to build my character and leadership skills through structure, discipline, activities and community service. AFJROTC builds character and leadership through discipline and structure. AFJROTC does so by creating a certain set of rules with certain punishments if you don’t follow them. This class helps you learn that…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Importance Of Volunteering In Schools

    hundreds of hours of community service he racked up in high school however are insignificant when applying to colleges, as every other teenager in the country applying to has the same amount of time volunteered. The vast majority of students in high school already do something outside of school whether it is playing sports, taking part in a club such as FFA or FCCLA, having a job, or volunteering. While I believe volunteering is a great thing to, the fact of the matter is that mandating it…

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  • Summary: The Transition From Jail To Community

    is an important factor in community supervision. The transition from jail to the community is important and should be taken with care to reduce recidivism. This transition needs help from community based organization, jails, and probation to work together. The Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) is an initiative that helps the community transition. The goals of this transition is to improve public safety and increase the successful of offenders that are released in the community.This is a…

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  • Becoming A Diesel Mechanic: Personal Narrative

    Another example is that I am the President of my local 4-H club. As the president, I am the one who is looked up to. I am the one that younger members look to for advice and as an example of what members should be like. I have to be professional at all times in order to handle business correctly, but also so that future member know how to act when they become one of the members who is selected for this position. Living in a small town, where you know everyone 's name, community is very…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Ursa

    give up my last week at home to start school early. I decided to take the class because it seemed like it would be an easy way to get some credits done. When It came down to the week before I left I was actually pretty upset with myself for signing up for Ursa. I had friends at home who were moving and I knew that I would likely never see some of them again. I wanted to stay home as long as I could to see all of them. However, once I arrived at Ursa I know that I had made the right choice. It…

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  • Reflective Essay On Service Learning Experience

    question my role in service learning and at the place where I volunteer. The first few themes for this quarter talked about the motivations for service and self-awareness of our social location. Especially, the reading by Johnson, motivates me to think about the privileges and power that I have over the other people, and how I could use that privilege to help people. I would say, before these readings, I knew about my position but was not aware of the power that I had in being a part of the…

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  • Michigan Research Community

    Inside the Michigan Research Community I. Introduction to MRC and Learning Communities As a large public institution, the University of Michigan can be very overwhelming for some students. However, the University of Michigan does a great job of creating small communities for students with similar backgrounds, identities, or interests. One of the small learning communities at the University of Michigan is the Michigan Research Community, otherwise known as MRC. In MRC, all of the individuals…

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