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  • 5 Practices Orchestrating Productive Math Discussion

    This is when the teachers puts all of the student’s hard work together and show how they relate to each other. I think it is a good opportunity to let students judge their peers way of thinking and ask questions to get a better understanding. In the book, 5 practices orchestrating productive mathematics discussion, it tells us that we can use this time to get students to compare their peers’ explanations (Smith & Stein, 2011). The sixth practice or zero practice is setting goals and selecting tasks. In this section of the book, 5 practices orchestrating productive mathematics discussion, it tells us that it is important to pick goals that will show the students the task they will master when they finish the lesson. Then, it tells us how important it is to select a task at the peak of Bloom’s Taxonomy (Smith & Stein, 2011). I see that it we need to get students to dig deeper…

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  • The Importance Of Community Service

    Setting up customers with online profiles was a nessacery step in allowing the customer to continue to interact with Office Depot products and sales even if we are not on site. When a customer becomes an Office Depot Rewards Member he or she is given a username and a passcode that is a unique identifier and allows them to receive discounts like ten percent back on all ink and paper purchases as well as keeps track of all your account activity like past purchase receipts and gift cards. By…

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  • Example Of Bronfenbrenner's Model

    impact on Judy because she is connecting with others and because she is always alone at home when her mother is out drinking, it can be a good opportunity for Judy to make friends and socialize. Because Judy is the only child, and her mother may not be at home as often, another social impact is that she could join extra co curricular activities at school such as sports team, chess clubs etc. By joining extra co curricular, it can help Judy by associating with peers that can help and support her.…

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  • Why Should Students Go To Study Abroad Essay

    Although that is a good way to save money, there are still some differences between taking online courses and attending real courses in a classroom. Most of online courses do not allow students to instantly ask questions to the professor. Without necessary interactions, the students could be very confused and they can hardly keep a high efficiency during the class. Therefore, distant education cannot replace study abroad. Moreover, this view definitely ignores that the value of study abroad is…

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  • Ashley Burgess Character Analysis

    what her future has in store. For 16-year-old Ashley Burgess, these are the most important things in her life. On the surface she is simply a typical teenage girl. She loves the color red, the number 24, and the show Grey’s Anatomy. She enjoys being creative and she can’t resist singing along with a good country song. Although she maintains a positive attitude and always wears a smile on her face, things haven’t always been smooth sailing for Ashley. When she was only one-year-old, Ashley…

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  • America Is A Good Place To Me Essay

    Mary Austin said “go as far as you dare in the heart of a lonely land, you cannot go so far that life and death are not before you.” There is no perfect place in this world; I have to understand that everywhere I go, there is going to be things that I like and dislike about it. In America, however, there are more of the like than the dislike for me. I came to America as a refugee with my family. Life in America is completely different from life in my previous country. It may be hard for the some…

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  • Radiology Personal Statement

    had envisioned. The project started with a simple goal of hearing the same murmurs my preceptor heard during a cardiology rotation, but ended up answering an imperative question about my medical future. Radiology is my number one career choice because it incorporates my personal interests and compliments my individual strengths. I am attracted to this field because of the intellectual challenges involved with making an accurate diagnosis. In addition, radiology provides a unique opportunity to…

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  • Foodbank Reflection

    After I had searched for many chances to work as volunteer, I found a good opportunity to work for the Foodbank. I went through many procedures to register and to find the best time that would work for me. I submitted the request and I chose to serve people in D.C. area which calls warehouse. In its schedule I found two time of periods which is early from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 a.m. to 4 p.m. I chose to serve during the weekend from 9 to 12 p at Saturday. I prepared myself to be on time as…

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  • The Importance Of Being A Member Of The National Honor Society

    comes to school and my studies, as I am very good at taking on the workload of my extra curricular activities and utilizing my time carefully to suit my needs in school. For these various reasons, I feel that I exemplify scholarship in numerous ways. Another quality that I feel that I exemplify very well is leadership. For me, leadership is very important, as you need leaders to help spread knowledge and be good role models for younger kids. One of the most influential leadership…

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  • The Distance Between Us Analysis

    Where there is poverty people are sometimes forced to break from their families in order to have a better life. To successfully escape poverty, there needs to be one or more elements to be in place that a person can take hold of to propel themselves into opportunity and success. This is the case of the immigrant family in Reyna Grande’s “The Distance Between Us.” Poverty, family, and mentors affected Reyna and influenced how she managed her need for education and desire to become a writer.…

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