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  • Case Study: Everett Transit

    D. Company Analysis Background & Context Initially founded as Everett City Lines in 1893, Everett Transit is the public transit authority for Everett, Washington. This organization was created in order to help fill the transportation void of near the turn of the century. People needed a reliable way to travel from one location to another, and thus Everett Lines was born. Dissimilar from the rest of Snohomish County, who operate under Community Transit, Everett Transit operates its own city wide program. In 1969, Everett Transit was integrated as a department within the City of Everett. Everett Transit currently employees just shy of 100 drivers, covering 11 primary routes. Head quartered at Everett Station, it works side by side with other…

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  • A Sustainable Community Analysis

    Introduction The idea of a sustainable community too many seem far out of reach; however with science and technologies advancing in this new generation, sustainable communities are within our reach. In Scientific American Kaid Benfield describes a sustainable community as one in which pollution, water contamination are things of the past and natural resources are all being used less. Kaid Benfield is the project director of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The vision of communities…

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  • Age-Friendly Cities: Environmental Analysis

    adaptations and improvements to three key areas of the community and city design: (1) the physical and built environment; (2) the social environment; and (3) housing. Physical and built environment Menec et al. (2011) describe the built environment as comprising the outdoor spaces (e.g. green spaces, parks, walking trails), buildings and natural environment of a community, such as its air and water quality. The physical and built environment are important factors in age-friendly community…

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  • Automatic People Mover System Advantages And Disadvantages

    With the rapid growth of industry & trade in big cities and urban areas as well as with increasing the development of infrastructure projects in railway transportation, hence increasing the need for transportation equipment for people . According to long-term development planning of the Republic of Indonesia, urban railway transportation infrastructure build in many places , some of those projects are, APMS (Automatic People Mover System) project at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, MRT (Mass…

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  • Bbvp Essay

    1. Public Electric Vehicle Sharing Program (PEVSP) 1.1 Electric Vehicle The second initiative of this scenario is to establish a Public Electric Vehicle Sharing Program (PEVSP). BBRT aims to change San Francisco’s travel pattern from driving to walking, bicycling and transit. However, there are still about 350,000 private vehicles in the city. Even they are not using as usual; they are a huge potential emission source. PEVSP is a way to replace these existing internal combustion vehicles to…

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  • Lutheran Settlement House Business Analysis

    Lutheran Settlement House is really the only social service agency within the community. It has been providing services to Fishtown and the Philadelphia area since 1902. The services since then may have changed but it’s core mission of “empowering individuals, families, and communities to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through an integrated program of social, educational, and advocacy services” has not ("History | Lutheran Settlement House | Empowering Children, Adults, Families, and…

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  • Community Health Class Reflection

    Beginning this class, I was not sure what to expect because I did not really know what community health was. I signed up for the class to fulfill the requirement for my minor. Throughout this class, I have learned so much about the aspects of the community health, agencies, drug abuse, health rates, and disease types and control. These were all topics that were greatly interesting to me and I feel like the class improved my understanding of the way in which many communities operate. It also…

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  • West Point Hospital Case Study

    The Negotiation As expected the hospital team initially saw the needs of the community as a problem the CCC itself should handle through government programs or by approaching a hospital in another area, West Point Hospital. They expressed frustration with the community and reminded the CCC that the hospital is run on private money from donors and not government funded. It was obvious that the hospital did not feel any responsibility to the community itself, they were concerned with business…

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  • Neighbors May Finally Get Their Way Case Study

    northern Brooklyn while it operated from 1914 to 1982. The hospital served residents living in a community built around industry and considered a rawer area of the city. As the hospital aged, its facilities declined and the level of care which could be provided for patients degraded to the point that the hospital was closed as the Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center assumed and could better fulfill the responsibilities to the community. The opening of the new center incentivized the city…

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  • Analysis Of Personal Theology: A Garden Of Community By Lucy Atkinson Rose

    Personal Theology: A Garden of Community Lucy Atkinson Rose’s idea of the sermonic moment continues to strike me as a new and powerful method of developing relationships through sermons. Atkinson Rose proposes the following: “One form of preaching aims to gather the community of faith around the Word where the central conversations of the people of God are fostered and refocused week after week.” In suggesting that we rethink sermons as a shared experience of Truth, rather than truth from the…

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