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  • The Importance Of Community Service

    It allows the associates who partake in Depot Day, to take pride in the fact that they are assisting in their local community and making a difference. The service’s provided by Office Depot allows the customer sound technological advice rather than a sales pitch. Many times just taking the time to sit and explain how some of the new technology features work, allows the customer to better relate to the product and become more open to technology rather than to avoid it. Take for instance the time a resident forgot the password to her desktop and was unable to use her computer. A perfectly fine machine, but she couldn’t log onto it. After getting to her room and booting up her P.C. our associate was able to bypass the sign on screen and create a new password for the resident. For the simple fact that now she could communicate again with her friends and family long-distance…

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  • Community Service Importance

    The importance of community service has been interlaced into the majority of the nursing classes I have had at the bachelor’s level and the master’s level of education. Being active in community service has been presented as a cornerstone of my nursing career in the work place as a leader within my organization. I am learning now that being involved in community service holds true for the nurse educator as well. Dawson & Freed (2008), state that “professional nurses have a commitment to…

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  • Social Influence Of Community Service And Its Effects On The Community

    1.Introduction “Power is the ability to do good for others” – Brooke Astor Community service is unpaid voluntary work with an aim of helping an underprivileged cause . It is important not only because you are doing good and beneficial for your community but also because taking part and volunteering teaches us comparison and understanding. We too are able to get exposure to certain things and gain knowledge and some experience from community service. 2.Social issue. A very common social issue…

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  • Community Service Personal Statement Examples

    My service and leadership has not only given me experiences I will cherish for a lifetime, but has also enabled me to become an advocate for others and to promote issues that are of importance. In my school my leadership has helped bridge gaps between people. One example of how I accomplish this is with the Cultural Awareness Club I initiated. As a result of the club, my peers consider our school to be more inclusive of them and our student body more accepting of diversity. The outlook of the…

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  • Community Service Research Paper

    On April 15th I had the great pleasure of experiencing a service at a Mosque with Sarah. Upon first arrival the building seemed much like any other place of worship I have seen. The difference is that I actually went in and before I did go in, I had to do something I have never done before. I have always thought that the head coverings that most woman wear were really cool. Wearing one was actually fun, even if a little difficult since I seemed to have forgotten a hairband. Going in there was no…

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  • Community Service

    My parents raised me to be aware of my surroundings, to always be of service to those who ask, but most importantly to be of service without being asked. Being raised this way made me a spontaneous volunteer, and though I have participated in organized volunteering, much of the volunteer work I do is doing things such as making snowmen one minute and the next minute shoveling a neighbor’s driveway for fun. Another time, a man came down our street collecting bottles for money, and after finding…

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  • A Reflection Of Community Service As A Community

    Community service is something I have grown up doing. Throughout my life I have volunteered a lot of my time to organizations within my community. I have served at the community soup kitchen, helped young Monett Water Thrasher Swim Team members improve their strokes, and volunteered as a table worker at Monett High School and Monett Youth Club wrestling tournaments. I have always been very involved in helping individuals within my community. I feel as though performing community service as a…

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  • Community Service Reflection

    For my Service Learning Project, I volunteered at All Faith Community Services Food Bank and Resource Center. This agency is a non-profit organization who aims to serve low-income families in Buckeye, Arizona. There are multiple parts of this organization which makes it a great place for low-income families to go when they are in need of help. All Faith Community Services operates a food bank which serves anywhere between seventy and ninety people (families) a day. Once a month a family can…

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  • The Influence Of Community Service

    These requirements included earning 21 different merit badges, plan and carryout a community service project, and hold a leadership role for a minimum of six months. The 21 merit badges are made of classes that include topics like citizenship in the world, first aide or medicine. The last two being the most influential in choosing a career field. Not only did these badges effect on my choice, but two of my adult leaders assisted in this decision. These two adult leaders consisted of a Doctor and…

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  • The Value Of Community Service

    A community is similar to a puzzle; without one of the pieces it is never flawless. Being a part of a community and participating in community service doesn’t only better us, but it helps the general public. When I signed up to volunteer at Sanford Health I wasn’t sure if I was truly helping anyone or even making a difference. Never did I think that the service I was providing would have such a positive outcome. Although I had originally thought that by volunteering I would be providing a simple…

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