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  • Cultivating Communities Of Practice Book Review

    Richard McDermott, and William M. Snyder. 2002. Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing Knowledge. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. INTRODUCTION In Cultivating Communities of Practice, Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott, and William M. Snyder write about the way of sharing and applying knowledge across the usual boundaries of organizations. They call it communities of practice, which come together around particular interests and ideas. This book identifies practical principles for starting and developing these communities; it describes their goals and structural elements, illustrates their value to organizations and provides with practical guidance for community design.…

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  • The Importance Of Information Management And Human Resource Management

    companies anticipate the trend of markets and then realize exact routines that are operative currently. On the other hand, learning links with performing (Gorelick Carol & Brigitte Tantawy‐Monsou, 2005). Companies which aim to improve capacities, including employees’ skills and knowledge, should be able to transfer work activities to individuals and teams, thus to improve companies’ performance. Learning organizations usually can promote strategic flexibility through employee learning and…

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  • The Importance Of Community Of Practice

    What is a Community of practice? Etienne Wenger informs us that a community of practice is a “Group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better”. Given these points, we all have a community of practice. In which we can relate to having a significant event that has helped us identify ourselves as experts, within our community. In my case, my community of practice involves my number one hobby which is playing the violin.…

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  • The Importance Of Community Performance And Practice

    In this essay I will be talking about many things including Community Performance and Practice. It’s popular and desirable to bring performing arts to communities because this will encourage people who would not usually perform to join in and watch a performance. It is popular and desirable to bring performing arts to communities by highlighting and inform the community of any issues in their area and/or to bring their attention to something that may affect them. As private and public agencies…

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  • Zahra's Dinner Analysis

    is not suitable because both trainee do not have server experience. Originally the training program set up the post-test as a simulation assessment conducted in the Tuscan Ball Room with pretended guests that would have requests and questions, and the guests would be given an evaluation form before the simulation and fill out afterwards. On the training day, however, the post-test turned into an extended simulation practice for both training teams because of different training material used.…

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  • Reflection On Mcniff's Cycles Of Plan-Do-Review

    McNiff’s diagram inspired me to construct my own illustration of practice. I have attempted to show how my numerous research cycles has linked, each informing the practice of the next whilst also depicting how the process has supported the strengthening of my identity as a leader. The need to construct such a map of my journey directed me to look more closely into the differences I experienced between my personal, professional and academic identity. The diagram shown in figure 5 shows how…

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  • The Five Characteristics Of Grit By Maragret M. Perlis

    But if freshman try to get through college that way they will crash and burn. Which is why it is very important that they look to the future and set long term goals. Freshman won't be able to wait till the last minute to do their homework and nobody is making them do anything. They need to plan ahead, which is something Perlis fails to mention when she covers long term goals. She discusses how practice makes perfect and your practice should be meaningful, but never really goes into detail about…

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  • Tenderloin Case Study

    The Tenderloin is also an extremely diverse neighborhood, with more than half of the population being comprised of people of color. (Esri 2010) The Black community represents roughly 10% of the Tenderloin, compared to a citywide representation of 6% or less. Just under half of the neighborhood’s…

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  • Assignment 1: Planning And Engaging Stakeholders Paper

    organization, dedicated to strengthening children, families and communities through behavioral health treatment and skill building services. Matching with NASW values, it provides a 360o support network like Home and Community Based Counseling and Support, Individual Youth Mentoring, Parent Mentoring, Early Childhood Mental Health Services, Maternal Depression, Residential Treatment Services, Psychiatric Services to create a positive, lasting, measurable difference in the lives and communities…

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  • Research Paper On Beginner Level Young Learners

    students to learn faster. So to create more enjoyable, flexible and effective lesson I used games and song. These games and song help to create meaning context for the practice. To make my students ready for production I used games as controlled and guided practice. While choosing my games I paid attention the interaction they will contribute…

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