Communication Accommodation Theory

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  • Communication Accommodation Theory Essay

    The Communication Accommodation Theory is used more regularly then I thought it was. This theory describes when we meet new people we adapt to how the other person communicates. To evolve a close relationship with someone most people begin talking like the person they are wanting to get close to. This shows that the person cares, and wants to get on a more personal level. To do so, we feel the need to get on the same level as them to be accepted and show that we are intrigued. I have noticed doing this in my own personal life. I began talking similar to one of my friends who has an accent as well as communicating like her. I felt as if this showed I genuinely cared and wanted to be on her level so that I could relate to her. However,…

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  • Components Of Communication Accommodation Theory

    Communication accommodation theory suggests that we adapt our communication when interacting with others. Giles and Coupland (1991) refined speech accommodation theory (Giles, Mulac, Bradac, & Johnson 1987) to better understand our adaptations during interpersonal communication. The major components of communication accommodation theory are convergence and divergence. While convergence is the adjustment of our speech to match the other party, divergence is the altering of speech to differ from…

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  • Essay On Communication Accommodation Theory

    There are several important factors which must be considered as we attempt to achieve effective communication with others. We must first recognize the goal we are trying to achieve with the communication. Second, we need to recognize who we are and how we, as individuals, communicate with others. And lastly, we need to understand how our audience is going to actually receive or perceive the communication we have presented. Although all three of these factors are different, they all are…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Communication Accommodation Theory

    The Communication Accommodation Theory is a theory of speech, which entails that "when people interact they adjust their speech, their vocal patterns and their gestures, to accommodate to others". Developed by Howard Giles, the theory explores the reasons as to why individuals accentuate and understate the social variations between themselves and others, both verbally and nonverbally in various situations. The theory accommodates 2 different forms of interaction between individuals;…

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  • Communication Accommodationtion Theory: A Case Study

    During the interview I became “communicatively” the person the pharmacists wanted to be in order for her to accept me into her working environment. By using the idea of convergence accommodation, my “agreeable” perceptions, actions, and nonverbal communication behaviors were presented to my interviewer as if the interviewer saw a replica sitting in front her. And what makes it even more striking to me is the fact that the theory proved true. I was on time, got dressed to impresses, was easy to…

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  • Co-Cultural Communication Analysis

    connection with its country and how it is identified by its features. Some physical examples include dialect spoken within the country, skin and facial features, clothing and customs. Interesting enough this theory does not only apply on a universal scale, but also subcultural as well. This essay contains an analysis identifying attributes of co-cultural communication and the accommodations theories effect on subcultures within a dominant culture. The analyzation focuses the 1996 hit series…

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  • The Failure Of Communication Theory In North American Culture

    Communication is used around the world by variety of groups, nations and cultures. Each of these cultures view communication in different ways. None are better that the others, they are just different. However, when comes to the study communication some argue that there some better than others and this has affects. Penman (2000) writes, “The way in which we conceive of communication sets the constraints on what we study and what we don’t; on what ways we use communication to act in our world and…

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  • The Meaning Of The Medium Is The Message

    Cox, X 0896316 Course code and section Final Essay Throughout the history of the world humans have always sought out the necessity to communicate. The idea of interacting with other people to set up relations was always prevalent in humanity. Through communication the extension of human imagination creates forms of communication that transcend interactive experiences. For instance, the multitude of devices created with the intentions to strengthen existing societal bonds and co-exist to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Political Communication

    Historical/Sociological Lens: The advancements of communication have affected not only the amount and widespread reach of political communication, but also have affected the perception of importance of partisanship (or nonpartisanship) in society. Historically, partisanship in the press and in politics has been something citizens clung to for dear life. Their party was a part of their identity, and an extension of their values and their selves. Partisanship was also predominantly segregated…

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  • Analysis Of Sleepless In Seattle

    • Greg (played by Victor Garber) is married to Suzy and is also Sam’s close friend who goes to Seattle for a visit. • Maggie Baldwin (played by Carey Lowell) is the deceased wife and mother of Sam and Jonah. There are several relevant communication theories that are exhibited throughout the film Sleepless in Seattle, three of which are communication privacy theory, uncertainty reduction theory, and cognitive dissonance theory. Communication privacy theory is described as a privacy management…

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