Communication Accommodationtion Theory: A Case Study

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It’s Christmas break of 2005, and my family was taking our annual road trip to California. Things were going as planned until my father felt this incessant itch on his hands. So, after the trip, he decided to get blood work done to make sure it wasn’t the poison ivy he was suspecting. Turns out, it was something far worse. In November, 2005, my father was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Since then, his fight for cancer was a constant uphill battle. Every day, it seemed to get more and more difficult to survive, and his life seemed to be progressively slowing down. Five months later, my father was in Stage III Leukemia; his liver was no longer functioning properly; and only 50% of his kidneys were working.
On a random day, out of nowhere,
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During the interview I became “communicatively” the person the pharmacists wanted to be in order for her to accept me into her working environment. By using the idea of convergence accommodation, my “agreeable” perceptions, actions, and nonverbal communication behaviors were presented to my interviewer as if the interviewer saw a replica sitting in front her. And what makes it even more striking to me is the fact that the theory proved true. I was on time, got dressed to impresses, was easy to talk to, and understood and agreed to almost everything she had to say. Convergence accommodation did a wonder for me - I got the job I …show more content…
One of the strengths is that it allows people to generate an idea of what someone should be like or do in order to succeed. It sets a guideline to which one can follow the same path and hope to expect the same result. Like when I was studying for my job interview for MD Anderson, I looked at my old job and encounters with others who I may be working with. This resulted in certain preparations for actual job interviews such as mirroring communication behaviors. However, there are a couple problems with the theory as well. By following the communication accommodation theory when trying to create a bond, or a relationship by convergence it loses the uniqueness in society because of the “same” people that you are encountering. By changing they way you are every time you are at an interview not only do you lose what makes you different, but you may lose “the edge” as well. This at times can be detrimental to finding a job and your

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