Communication Accommodation Theory Essay

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The Communication Accommodation Theory is used more regularly then I thought it was. This theory describes when we meet new people we adapt to how the other person communicates. To evolve a close relationship with someone most people begin talking like the person they are wanting to get close to. This shows that the person cares, and wants to get on a more personal level. To do so, we feel the need to get on the same level as them to be accepted and show that we are intrigued. I have noticed doing this in my own personal life. I began talking similar to one of my friends who has an accent as well as communicating like her. I felt as if this showed I genuinely cared and wanted to be on her level so that I could relate to her. However, …show more content…
This theory describes how women are muted or over looked. Men often hold the most power and are dominant. Usually men are the ones who do the decision making and are in charge. People tend to listen to men because of the power they do portray. People put there hope in them and believe that they will make the right decision for their company, family etc. Women are then expected to have the same aspects of men to have that power. Women are sometimes overlooked because society has made the man the main powerhouse. For women who have a possible public speaking job, to be heard they do have to change their language to appeal to the public just like a man could by showing his dominance. I believe that sometimes people may not believe women as much as they do men. This isn’t always the case but, it is how society is usually viewed. Women do want their voices to be heard and have the same acknowledgement as men do, but it is not the normal. Therefore, it does not seem right. This is why in certain situations the public may question or look over women’s ideas. People like normal and that is what makes them feel safe and secure, so to change the norm is when this questioning comes into play. I do however believe that men and women do have different beliefs and views on the world. This is one reason why men are more

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