Co-Cultural Communication Analysis

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It is commonly conceptualized that many cultures differ throughout the world. Stipulating that each country has different unique cultures which have been molded over billions of years by various different climates, motives and people. Thus creating how a country is differentiated by other countries sculpting the culture, values and traditions in connection with its country and how it is identified by its features. Some physical examples include dialect spoken within the country, skin and facial features, clothing and customs. Interesting enough this theory does not only apply on a universal scale, but also subcultural as well.

This essay contains an analysis identifying attributes of co-cultural communication and the accommodations theories effect on subcultures within a dominant culture. The analyzation focuses the 1996 hit series “Fresh prince of bel air” starring a young Will Smith. The series depicts a story of a teenage boy from West Philadelphia which is a poor, low social economic area having to refuge to his aunt and uncles ‘mansion’ in Bel air because of the danger and lack of opportunity in this area, enabling him to obtain a better education and to stay out of trouble. The series portrays a comedic outlook on how Will adapts to his new subculture and
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Convergence and divergence are known as two approximation strategies within the CAT theory. The convergence method being where someone tries the communication profiles of people around them in order to fit in, it has been proposed by (Giles and Poland 1975) that convergence is a default process for humans. Compared to divergence being the contradiction of this theory where the person consciously or subconsciously emphasizes their social and nonverbal differences with person / people they are interacting

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