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  • Flotilla Fresco Analysis

    Salvaged in the 1960’s, the Flotilla Fresco was discovered in a building that had been obscured under volcanic ash. This was due to a series of natural forces. The painting is a Fresco, which is a technique in art where the paint is applied on plaster that has not dried yet. There are many speculations of what the painting is portraying. From a commemoration celebrating a new sailing period, military ships, or a transit from Akrotiri to Crete. This painting is treated as one of the most beneficial resources in the discovery of what life was like on the island obscured in volcanic ash (Strasser, 2010: 2). Because Minoans had open rooms, breezeways, and open air altars, they painted their subjects to incorporate nature into their lives. Since the civilization was on an island, the subjects were usually marine life, ships, and beach scenes. The fresco is a way to look into the culture of the town because it show trade and political references while also demonstrating the town’s role as a harbor. The Minoan civilization is focalized on the Aegean Islands. The artists painted a lot of marine animals since that was the thing that surrounded them. The Flotilla Fresco stretches thirty nine feet in length, and is occupied in room five of the west house. There is not much remaining from the Minoan frescoes because of the volcano blast that demolished much of its past. Minoans and Greeks were very close to each other in a geographical sense. It was clear that the Minoans were not…

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  • Minoan Food Collection Case Study

    As came into the palace to be stored, string was tied around the vessels they were in, lumps of clay were pressed on the knot in the string, and the clay was impressed with a seal, which authenticated the transaction (Younger and Pehak, 173). The seal stones used to mark the clay were most likely representative of individuals or of kinship groups, each with their own design. That way, it would be easy to identify who had already turned in their fair share of the goods. Seals were quite…

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  • How Did Akhenaten Change Egypt

    other hand, while there was also no conflict between the priests of Amun and Akhenaten to speak of, this was likely due to Akhenaten’s awareness of and desire to avoid such potential conflict, which may have prompted him to expedite the implementation of the monotheistic worship of the Aten, as opposed to the more diplomatic relationship that his father had with the priests of Amun. An additional element of Amenhotep III’s rule comparable to Akhenaten’s was that of foreign relations. Amenhotep…

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