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  • Isolation Of Naphthalene Lab Report

    Introduction In this experiment, the goal was to isolate an organic substance. Using extraction, a basic, acidic, and neutral substance was expected to be extracted from the original unknown compound. Extraction is a process that allows the separation of substances that were previously mixed together through the use of a solvent1. This can be useful in situations where the substance has both the desired product and undesired byproducts in it. In order for extraction to work, the solvent must…

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  • Henderson Hasselbalch Equation For Buffers

    calculate the pH based on the ratio of acid to conjugate base, or calculate the ratio given the pH and pKa value. Finding charge on a protonated amine: The pKa value given for the amino group on any amino acid specifically refers to the equilibrium between the protonated positive nitrogen and deprotonated neutral nitrogen. You’ll never see a neutral nitrogen deprotonated to form a negative on an amino acid. The pKa of the protonated methylamine conjugate acid is like this: at physiological pH,…

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  • Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni Leaf Case Study

    Gasmalla et al Trop J Pharm Res, January 2014;13 (1): 61 Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research January 2014; 13 (1): 61-65 ISSN: 1596-5996 (print); 1596-9827 (electronic) © Pharmacotherapy Group, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin, Benin City, 300001 Nigeria. All rights reserved. Available online at Original Research Article Nutritional Composition of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni Leaf: Effect of Drying Method Mohammed Abdalbasit…

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  • How To Write An Enzyme Lab Report

    the concentration, then the absorbance will also increase. For part 2 section A my hypothesis was if you increase the temperature, then the enzyme reaction time will also increase. For part 2 section B my hypothesis was if we change the level of the pH, then the ability of the enzyme will be changed. In part 2 section C my hypothesis was if you increase the concentration,…

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  • Methyl Red Lab Report

    nZVI conc. (0.20 g/L) and initial pH of the conical flask was measured. The pH of the dye solutions were adjusted with dilute HCl (0.1N) or KOH (0.1N) solution by using a pHmeter with pH of solutions being 2,4, 6,8, 10,12 .The adsorption of MR dye on nZVI was studied in a pH range of 2–12. Methyl red is slightly acidic pH ranges from 4.5- 6.5. Fig. 4.3 shows the obtained results. The figure indicates that, for MR, the adsorption is strong in acidic medium. As the pH increase, the adsorption…

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  • Analysis Of Alka Seltzer

    Using the Flinn Scientific Inc Thermometer, the starting temperature of the water was recorded. One strip of the Hydroin Paper pH Level Strips was selected and placed into the water. Once the paper was placed in the water, the color of the paper strip was compared to the pH level chart and the pH level of the paper was recorded. One sheet of the Kroger Home Sense Paper Towels was folded up to cover the surface of the Veritas Electronic Balance Scale. After placing…

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  • Biocon India Case Study

    • What are the strategic choices available? Biocon India Group is a Bangalore-based organization that began in 1978 with the enzyme business. An enzyme, by the way, is a substance produced by a living organism which acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. That said, the Biocon India realized that growth is imminent and various strategic choices are available. The first strategic choice available to Managing Director, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw’s Biocon India is expansion…

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  • Congo Red Lab Report

    acetate used for the preparation of nanoparticles ZnO and sodium hydroxide were purchased from Biotech laboratory chemicals company. Ethyl alcohol was purchased from ADWIC company. Dilute solutions of HNO3 and NaOH (BDH) were prepared to control the pH during the experiments. Fig. 1Chemical Structure of (a) Congo Red and (b) Methylene blue dye. Preparation of ZnO nanoparticles (Adsorbent) Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles was obtained by co-precipitation method as in the following procedure: a…

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  • What Is Ocean Acidification?

    species (Hardt & Safina 71). Other experiments show the struggle of phytoplankton balancing the changing pH inside them and how it correlates with the impaired ability to reproduce or grow. Many species cannot genetically adapt because ocean acidification is occurring too rapidly. Researchers at Princeton University claimed that acidification…

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  • Sodium Hypochlorimetric Analysis Of Fisher Experiment Results

    Results The results obtained were statistically analyzed using the Fishers exact test. Table 1: Comparison of microbial growth between different groups Sodium Hypochloride Total Fishers exact test Endovac Laser Control p-value No Growth 5(50.0%) 8(80.0%) 0 15(37.5%) <0.001* <103 5(50.0%) 2(20.0%) 0 7(17.5%) 103 – 108 0 0 0 8(20.0%) >108 0 0 10(100.0%) 10(25.0%) Total 10 10 10 40(100.0%) *p<0.05 statistically significant p>0.05 non significant, NS Amongst the 10…

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