Brassica Rap The Story Of Fast Plants

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Green plants are multicellular, autotrophic eukaryotes. They use their roots to absorb nutrients and water from the soil. “Fast Plants are a type of crucifer (a large group of plants that includes mustard, radish, cabbage, and more) that have been bred and selected to have a uniform, short flowering time (14 days) and grow well under in a small indoor space, with little soil, under artificial lights”(The Story of Fast Plants). Wisconsin fast plant are plants that grow at a very high speed rate. Their scientific name is Brassica rapa. Plants have enzymes, enzymes are special proteins that are essential for living organisms. Enzymes have preferred environments. “If an environment is too acidic (low pH) or alkaline (high pH) an enzyme won't function, …show more content…
Plants change the sunlight's energy into chemical energy by the process of photosynthesis. Pigments in the plants called chlorophyll, absorb photons from the sun. Glucose is the main source nutrition in plants. Two reactions happen in the Photosynthesis that are the light reactions, also known as light dependent reactions, and dark reactions, also known as light independent reactions. The dark reactions are sometimes called the Calvin cycle, C3 Cycle, or Carbon Fixation. The dark reactions happen in the stroma. The light reactions happen in the thylakoid membranes. The thylakoid membrane is surrounded by the stroma. The chlorophyll is necessary for photosynthesis, because it allows plants to absorb energy from sunlight. There are two tes of chlorophylls, which are chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b. They absorb blue and red light. During the Light Reactions, electrons absorb energy and water molecules are broken down. The process of breaking down water molecules is called photolysis. In the dark reactions, glucose is made. Carbon dioxide and ribulose bisphosphate, which is also called RuBP, unite to form rubisco, which then splits to make two phosphoglyceric acid molecules, the phosphoglyceric acid is sometimes called PGA. PGA gets converted to phosphoglyceraldehyde or PGAL. Many PGAL is used to make more RuBP. This is called the Calvin Cycle. Photosynthesis is affected by many factors, like the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, the amount of water in the soil, Amount of light, intensity of light, and the

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