Multip Ph Lab Report

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Scientists use a scale to measure how acidic or basic a liquid is. That scale is called a pH scale. The pH scale is a number from zero to fourteen. Accordingly, zero to seven liquids are considered acid. However, seven is considered a neutral, like distilled water. Therefore, eight to fourteen the liquids are considered basic. For instance, a pH of two is going to be an acidic liquid. Thus, a pH of twelve would be measured as a basic liquid. Additionally, a strip of litmus paper will demonstrate that a solution contains an acid. However, if the solution contains a base the paper will turn blue, and if it turns red the solution is an acid. Also, like the litmus paper, Multip-pH is a paper impregnated with an indicator solution. The paper is dipped in the solution and is matched with a pH color chart. Furthermore, if both pink and blue litmus paper fail to change color, than the solution is neutral. An example of a neutral solution would be distilled water, like mentioned before. The objective of the experiment is to investigate twelve household products and compare the results to the predictions made before the beginning of the experiment. Also, determining whether the substances are …show more content…
High fructose corn syrup is present in both Minute Maid Orange Juice and Sprite Soda. The pH of the orange juice is 3.5, which indicates that it is an acid. Also, the pH in the Sprite beverage is acid as well, with a pH of 4. However, the orange juice seems to be more acidic than sprite. These two ingredients are ingestible liquids. They are foods that can be considered to have some or no nutritional value. According to their labels sprite has zero calories and with no nutritional value. On the other hand, minute made orange juice has an average of 110 calories per serving. Although they are both acidic beverages, orange juice hold more nutritional value. They include potassium, carbohydrates, sugars, and

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