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  • Inorganic Matter Research Paper

    Scientists today know mostly everything there is to know about life on prebiotic Earth approximately four billion years ago, yet, they still do not possess the answer as to how life came to be from inorganic matter. Many question how life could have risen from non-living materials and become as complex as it is. Nobody knows for certain how the transition from inorganic matter to life occurred, however, there are several theories made to explain this transition (i.e. Clay theory, Primordial Soup Theory, RNA World, etc.). Life chemically first arose from inorganic matter due to the environment created by hydrothermal vents, the production of RNA, and clay hydrogels. Primarily, the environment created by hydrothermal vents could have led to…

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  • Primordial Soup Hypothesis Essay

    organic molecules, but also for the formation of oligomers and polymers. The experiments involved in testing the hypothesis was one that Stanley Miller did , in the experiment he mixed methane, ammonia, and hydrogen to form basic monomers. The reasoning the scientist gave to support their theory was the first cellular life forms may have evolved inside so-called black smokers at seafloor spreading zones, in the deep sea. Deep Sea Vent Hypothesis: The scientist involved in the hypothesis was…

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  • Galapacanic Evolution

    Hydrothermal vents interact with sea water that percolates through fissures located on the sea floor to be expulse later after being heated. Same as geysers that can undergo same process with fresh water. This statement does not mean that geysers do not occur in the bottom of the sea. Nevertheless, the spectacle can be appreciated by the naked eye when geysers are located on the surface. Most geysers erupt fountains of hot water and steam intermittently or episodically. As mentioned at the…

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  • The Primordial Soup Hypothesis Essay

    Miller and Harold Urey did an experiment to test this theory. This experiment used gases of Earth to created all 20 amino acids, which can be used to create life. Creating all the 20 amino acids, help create try to prove this theory because amino acids are used to help create life. The Iron-Sulfur World Hypothesis was presented by Gunter Wachtershauser in 1988. This theory stated that a biochemical cycle grew assembled and created the first living cell. Which is lead to thinking life was…

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  • The Importance Of Agriculture And Water

    role of water in the environment is clearly understood in the hydrologic cycle. Manahan (2011) explains that the hydrologic cycle is solar powered with solar energy evaporating water mainly from the oceans to produce water vapour. The water vapour is carried through the atmosphere by air and wind currents and forms small water droplets in clouds. The water then falls back onto the Earth as rain or snow (Manahan, 2011). According to Manahan (2011) water is present in the atmosphere as water…

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  • Essay On Deep Sea Mining

    Deep sea mining is a fairly new issue within the scientific community only being utilized in mineral collecting for the past two decades (Theil). Although this action is fairly new, it still can have devastating effects on ecosystems, especially the seafloor. “Because of the high demand for minerals and metals for making technological items, this new way of mining has gathered a lot of attention in the last five years. Three forms of deep-sea mineral resources have been considered thus far for…

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  • Animalia Research Paper

    anti-predator adaptations.[36][37] Almost all multicellular predators are animals.[38] Some consumers use multiple methods; this is the case in parasitoid wasps, which immobilize their hosts so that the parasitic larvae can feed on the hosts' living tissues, killing them in the process,[39] but as adults, primarily consume nectar from flowers.[40] Other animals may have very specific feeding behaviours, such as the spongivorous hawksbill sea turtles that primarily eat sponges.[41] Hydrothermal…

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  • Sea Jellyfish Adaptations

    the same ocean, the condition in different areas varies. The different characteristics of these four sea creatures make them unique, therefore giving them various ways to adapt to extreme oceanic environments in order to survive. Despite living in different locations of the ocean, zombie worms, giant squids, yeti crabs, and deep-sea jellyfish all share one common trait: they must adapt to their environment to survive. A recently explored area of the ocean near Antarctica in the Southern Pacific…

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  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

    used in many fields of medicine, molecular biology research, medical diagnostics, and ecology. It is fast and inexpensive technique used to amplify DNA and RNA fragments by 107 times. The polymerase chain reaction was discovered by K. Mullis in 1983. It is a thermodynamic and enzymatic process. (Garibyan and Avashia, 2013) Taq polymerase PCR requires DNA polymerase enzyme to produce new strands of DNA with an existing strand as a templates. The DNA polymerase abundantly used in PCR is Taq…

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  • The Extreme Life Of The Sea Analysis

    example, nobody bets on a horse that they assume is slow. The Palumbi’s certainly focus on the extremes of the sea, so naturally the fastest and longest traveling creatures are always of heightened interest. The authors provide substantial knowledge of these creatures, and flabbergast the reader with facts regarding the species listed above. Now that we’ve discussed the earliest, most archaic, the smallest, the deepest, the shallowest, the oldest, the fastest sprinters and longest voyagers,…

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