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  • Fracking Persuasive Essay

    mixed with water can extract gas from shale. This toxic mixture, at high pressure, is put into a pipe that extends far underground; gas pockets are released and then rise to the top of the well. Natural gas and crude oil are produced from Fracking. Many people like the idea of Fracking because it has lowered the price of gas and oil significantly. This process gives America some independence from foreign countries that produce oil and gas. However, the toxic mixtures used in fracking can leak into freshwater sources and potentially poison the environment. Sometimes the mixtures are used again instead of making new mixtures, so the mixture then becomes twice as toxic, which could result in even more damage if it leaked into a water source. Hydrogen powered cars do not rely on fossil fuels, so they can stop the pollution from traditional cars and…

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  • Fuel Cells And Its Effect On The Environment

    They don 't produce pollutants or greenhouse gases which means that if we use these in most cars then our environment will improve. This also means that since people aren 't breathing in toxins, it also increases our health. Versatility is another benefit, Fuel Cells can be used in anything from cell phones to powering an entire neighbourhood. Along with these three key benefits, there are many more. Two more benefits of Fuel Cells is that you can use many types of fuel to power these device,…

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  • Competitive Industry Analysis: Toyota Motor Inc.

    Toyota Motor Inc. is a Japanese established automobile manufacturer, which is headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. They operate with in the automotive industry, which includes all companies and activities involved in the manufacturing, development, and marketing of motor vehicles and most of their components, such as engines and bodies; this excluding tires, batteries, and fuel. The primary products of the industry are passenger cars and light trucks, including pickups, vans, and SUV’s. Toyota…

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  • Benefits Of Hydrogen Energy

    Hydrogen energy and fuel cells in general will require a lot of research and development to be used at a large scale so more engineers and chemists will be demanded for. Electrical, chemical, and industrial engineers would have a whole new field to study and to specialize. This means that there would be more job opportunities to those who specialize in working with hydrogen energy and fuel cells. These engineers would have to learn how to control hydrogen to find its maximum potential to…

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  • The Advantages Of Electric Cars

    Practicality and affordability are arguably the most important features for the consumer. The alternative to a non-fossil fuel powered vehicle, without going full electric is the hydrogen fuel cell car. Hydrogen fuel cell cars have a pump and go method of operation, moreover, they are not plagued by battery range and lifespan setbacks that electric cars are. Although, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are plagued by a lack of infrastructure as electric cars are, as well as, higher price tags…

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  • Effects Of Pollution On Electric Cars

    own vehicles benefit from it through the use of public transit and taxis. Simply put, many activities such as going to work, shopping, and visiting loved ones would be incredibly difficult to do without the use of automobiles. They provide easy mobility and improved efficiency…

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  • Japanese Car Culture Essay

    that nobody is impervious to economic turmoil. China has braced this mentality with its new advancements in economical and eco friendly vehicles (DeFeijter, 2016). The Chinese automobile companies have switched their focus to developing cars that run strictly on batteries, eliminating the need for fuel stations and making the daily commute much more affordable to the average consumer. This makes a quick fix to a quickly developing problem with China’s extreme population growth, not to mention…

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  • Automobile Industry Environment

    One being cars fueled by hydrogen fuel cells. Utilizing hydrogen as a fuel has great potential as it is very clean. Field test models of cars utilizing hydrogen have been built and are on the roads today, mostly in the Los Angeles area, but utilization is very low since it is a test. While there are many environmental positives of utilizing hydrogen as a fuel, from the automobile emissions point of view, there are many hurdles to cross before hydrogen could be used in a widespread manner. The…

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  • Sulphamic Acid Case Study

    anhydride, and the reaction of urea with sulphuric acid and sulphuric anhydride. In the first manner, the reaction between SO3 and NH3 results, in a first stage, in the formation of ammonium sulfamino salts which have to be acidified and hydrolyzed with sulphuric acid in a next stage, thus primary to the arrangement of sulphamic acid and a better or smaller quantity of ammonium hydrogen sulphate, known as ammonium bisulphate, which is separated by crystallization and filtration in the form of…

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  • Fossil Fuels Research Paper

    deposits derived from decaying plants and animals that have been fossilized over millions of years. There is more to them than that however they are also hydrocarbons comprised primarily of the following elements: carbon and hydrogen and some sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, and minerals. Different combinations of these elements are used as a fuel for our everyday lives. This paper’s purpose is to explain some of the chemistry behind the use of these various fossil fuels as well as just some general…

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