Benefits Of Hydrogen Energy

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Everyday around the world, someone, somewhere, is trying to find the next new big source of energy. We do not really think of the where we get our energy but sooner or later, the sources of energy may run out and the world would be left in despair. Today, the people of the world mainly depend on fossil fuels such as coal. This is an issue because natural fuels such as coal are nonrenewable and harmful to the earth we live on. Since fossil fuels are nonrenewable, that means they will run out eventually because it takes tens of thousands of years for them to form. Other sources of energy include, but are not limited to, nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy, and hydroelectric energy. Nuclear energy is very efficient but there are major liabilities …show more content…
Hydrogen energy and fuel cells in general will require a lot of research and development to be used at a large scale so more engineers and chemists will be demanded for. Electrical, chemical, and industrial engineers would have a whole new field to study and to specialize. This means that there would be more job opportunities to those who specialize in working with hydrogen energy and fuel cells. These engineers would have to learn how to control hydrogen to find its maximum potential to generate electricity at a larger scale. Also with advancements with hydrogen energy, more mechanical engineers will be demanded to create hydrogen fuel cell cars. In this point in time, there are already many hydrogen fuel cell cars but with advancement this technology, there would be a higher demand on mechanical engineers to create more efficient cars running on hydrogen fuel cell. Besides engineers, chemists will now have a specialized field in working with fuel cells specifically hydrogen energy. Chemists would have to work alongside engineers to develop the safest ways to use hydrogen energy. Also they would have to manufacture a way to implement hydrogen energy in a large scale like a power plant and to maximize its efficiency. Scientists in general would have to study fuel cells intensely to figure out its potential. Besides professional careers, nonspecialized workers will be provided jobs as well. Once hydrogen energy power plants open, staff will be needed. Engineers and chemists will do their jobs to create hydrogen fuel cell powered plants but nonspecialized workers will be needed. From managers to janitors, many people will be needed to sustain the power plant. There will be a high demand for factory workers and machinist to maintain the power plant so that it runs nice and smoothly. These workers

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