The Importance Of My Studies At Texas A & M

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Looking at the advances of the human race for the last few hundred years, the advancements that have been made are truly astounding, which can be attributed to the human desire to improve living conditions and significantly enhance our understanding of the universe, as well as ourselves. The mechanism for getting from an age of difficult labor and harsh living conditions to the present technologically driven world of knowledge and possibilities is through engineering. Engineering has flourished through endless motivation to better humanity. Most engineers will claim they are motivated to work with cutting edge technology to develop devices or systems that solve problems that exist in our world, or that can make current ways of doings things …show more content…
To expand upon these virtues listed above and how they are critical to success in an engineering career, I will begin with the virtue I view as most important: integrity. Integrity is the quality of an individual consciously choosing to do the morally right thing in all situations (perhaps one of the unwritten broad goals of this course). This is shown to be important to Texas A&M because integrity is one of our six core values, and we additionally have the honor statement acknowledged in every examination, stating “An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do”, which many will argue parallels the virtue of integrity. As we have examined in several case studies, particularly in the Short Paper 1 assignment with the lying and cheating scandal of James Liang with Volkswagen, there can be harsh consequences and penalties for those who do not do the morally right thing in a situation, and one’s life can forever be changed. Another valuable virtue I have developed is effective communication skills, which is incredibly useful in the engineering world for clearly sharing ideas between fellow engineers, as well as partnered companies collaborating on a project. These communication skills range from effective writing in reports or email communication (repeatedly developed through our writing-intensive courses), to giving presentations of our work to practice confidence and clear speaking. Lastly, a rare yet very valuable virtue fostered at Texas A&M is selfless service. This is special because it closely aligns with the intent of aspirational ethics; selfless service and aspirational ethics are both about promoting the well-being of others. This is an incredibly motivating and powerful virtue that naturally causes good in the world, whether it be with engineers developing solutions

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