Importance Of Tenacity In Life

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Ever since I was a child, I am easily fascinated and amazed by the structure of a buildings. I wondered how the engineers paste the glue to a block and stick it together, how they carried thousands of massive block to be placed to form a building and probably how they realised the blueprints to make it looks totally real. Now, I realise what quality is needed for driving the aspiration towards developed state by 2020.

I believe in this era, world needs professional leaders to realise the aspiration towards bright development. I also never deny that I am the one who potential to recreate the era towards a bright future as I have the compassion and innate desire to innovate nowadays technology to eternity useful technology.

For as long as I
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Tenacity is one part of vital value in you because not everybody capable for grip something firmly consistently for a period of time, but for me, I am able to hold that based on my academicals and curricular achievement. Sometimes in my life, I fall as humans. Sometimes, difficulties challenged my bravery and patients to stay strong. If I defeat to such small challenge, then I am nothing comparable to others. Luckily, I am able to sustain the challenges and faced with bravery and perseverance. Finally, the bitter part of challenge turned to sweetness that cherishes my life. I am glad and grateful for the tenacious value in me, until forever will be sustained it.
Last but not least, I am capable to rejuvenate myself from mental injuries and problems because I uphold the moral strength forever. “When life kicks you, you have to keep moving”. This quotes vividly described moral strength that helped you to keep moving until you reached your destination. Besides that, moral strength serves with integrity too. With these values, moral strength and integrity therefore completed a progress for who I am. I believe the future leaders need to be nurtured totally based on such value, therefore, I am proud for who I am now and
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Although our great ancestors always view the world like it cannot be changed, but I definitely will prove by these career of engineer, I am able to explore more and change world’s view to something bigger and outstanding.

Engineers are very impactful in our daily lives. Throughout history, engineers and those who working in engineering field have contributed so much in many aspects of life, be it physical, daily life or even a props for a babies. Buildings we see nowadays are the progress and worked from engineers. The airplane we ride to fly is a countless contribution of engineers towards life. The cars and motorcycle, and all the vehicles that throw your burden to walk to work clearly depicted the innovation and sciences of engineers. Most of the technologies we live nowadays are the creation and products of engineers. Engineers maintain and improved the living standards of life in community. I believe, without engineers, the world is none nowadays. Therefore, I believe with opportunity given to me

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