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  • My Travel Without My Parents For The First Time

    This summer I traveled without my parents for the first time. I remember my parents dropping Josh and I off at the airport then suddenly I started feeling nervous for no reason. I felt my stomach drop as I thought of the thousands of things that could go wrong, thoughts of 9/11 and terrorist attacks or thoughts of the Malaysian plane that disappeared and was never found. Flashes of movies or shows like Lost or Arrow, where there 's a plane crash and they are stranded on an island. Before the that day I had been cocky and not worried at all about traveling without my parents because in my eyes I was all grown up. Once I found the security line this anxious feeling was gone and replaced with the confidence I had no longer than an hour before. We went through security easily and still with a feeling of confidence and swagger we strolled over to our gate and sat down feeling like we were on top of the world because we were travelling without parents. As I wait for the flight I get a notification on my phone that says the flight is running late. This caused the nervous feeling to return thinking that our flight will be late and we’ll be stranded in Detroit Airport for the night. Luckily this wasn’t the case, the flight to Detroit was a little late, so we were rushed to the next flight as soon as we landed. I had been flying before, but without my parents the whole experience changed. The times I have travelled with my parents I’m so focused on not feeling like a loser hanging out…

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  • Naïve Bayes Methodology Paper

    i.e. the so called structural risk minimization principle. SVMs can productively perform non-linear classification utilizing what is known as the kernel trick, verifiably mapping their inputs into high-dimensional component spaces [17]. The kernel trick permits developing the classifier without expressly knowing the element space. A SVM model is a representation of the illustrations as focuses in space, mapped so that the samples of the different classes are separated by a reasonable hole that…

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  • Grey Wolves

    search agent Xα = the best search agent Xβ = the second best search agent Xδ = the third best search agent while (t < max number of iterations) for each search agent update the position of the current search agent by above equations end for update a, A and C calculate the fitness of all search agents update Xα, Xβ and Xδ t = t+1 end while return Xα Fig 1 : Social behavior of grey wolves during encircling the prey Fig 2 : Dimension of Grey Wolves hunting, tracing and attacking the…

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  • A Submarine Research Paper

    air then the submarine will rise up on the water. On the other hand, when ballast tank filled with water then the submarine will sink in the water. By changing the amount of water and air which modify the buoyancy.Depends on how fast you want, if you want to sink very quickly then you have add more water in the ballast tank.Because of submarine’s density is same as the water so, if the tank has no water then the submarine will instantly float on the water.”The tank at the front (known as the…

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