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  • Nutanix Research Paper

    had ambitions to become a company like IBM which dominates the main frame server market. VM ware was moving very fast in doing so. Except some big tech companies like google, amazon and Facebook most data centres were running on VMware technologies and VMware was at a brink of setting up a monopoly at data centre stack technologies. But then there was a small company named Nutanix which came up with a new disruptive technology for data centre storage virtualization and the name of their product was "Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform” which utilized the Hypervisor provided by various other companies like VMware Microsoft etc. to manage data centre data centre environment. The platform provided by Nutanix was a sigh of relief for large group of data centre operators as it provided them flexibility and scalability in their operations. Nutanix created a tool which is a software based virtual Machine installed on the existing Hypervisor and it integrates the storage of different servers and such environment is called as “Hyper converged infrastructure”. This VM dramatically increases the performance of data centres and makes them more efficient in data management. Due to this hyper converged infrastructure many previously used technologies were being threatened for their existence. The idea presented by Nutanix to manage data was one of the most disruptive ideas in the data centre infrastructure business and has led to a change in the way business is done. Nutanix opened up…

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  • Vmware Case

    operating system while remaining safely isolated from it” (Pash, 2010). An example of a virtual PC in the world of macs is a software called parallels. Parallels is an icon located on the desktop of a mac, which allows a windows operating system to operate at the same time as the mac operating system. Bare Metal Virtualization Bare metal virtualization is a form of the cloud, but greater and stronger. It gives people more reliable access to the information that they need. “The bare-metal cloud…

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  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure As A Service (Saas)

    dependence and browser based risks. It also have some specific issues associated with it.The following issues are: 1) Compatibility with legacy security vulnerabilities Because IaaS offers the consumer to run legacy software in provider's infrastructure, therefore it exposes consumers to all of the security vulnerabilities of such legacy software. 2) Virtual machine sprawl The VM can become out of date with respect to security updates because IaaS allows the consumer to operate the virtual…

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  • Summary Of Blue Pill

    digital signature protection for kernel mode drivers. The Blue Pill malware is like the movie, “The Matrix”. The user was unable to distinguish between what was real and what was not (Heary, 2016). They would therefore continue to use the system as if it were secure, when they were actually revealing valuable data to hackers. A blue pill sounds like something that a doctor would prescribe for an ailment. In the world of Information Technology, it is something quite…

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  • Midori Case Study

    it would be light weight, portable and compatible with many applications [3] [15]. This operating system would be highly distributed and concurrent. Midori will be designed with an Asynchronous-only architecture that is built for task; concurrency, parallel use of local and distributed resources. Through these features system is able to manage various hardware and software resources over the net. The business world will be impacted by Midori due its virtualization feature. Microsoft will use…

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  • Lenovo EBG Case Study

    available, allowing them to investigate critical alerts, search and filter through data remotely. This is a significant differentiator that addresses many key datacenter challenges, which our competitors have no viable solution. Use this unique proposition to proactively “attack” the competition on systems management, and include XClarity in every new hardware opportunity, as well as to transition every IBM FSM, Director and IFM customers to XClarity. ThinkServer and RackSwitch support are also…

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  • Assignment 1: Network Security

    This can also be a source of security risk. In addition to the above mentioned security flaws, PaaS inherits all the security risks present in SaaS model such as data security, network security etc. B. Security challenges in Infrastructure as a Service In IaaS, the vendor provides the customer with all the infrastructure necessary such as servers, storage, network and other computing resources primarily in the form of virtualized resources. Thus, provider is responsible for security only till…

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  • History Of Operating Systems ( Oses )

    History of operating systems COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEMS (OSes) present a collection of capabilities necessary along with seeing that used by almost all application DEALS having a LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, plus the back links was needed to take care of along with synchronize processing products. Regarding the first personal computers, without key method, each software necessary the full elements spec to operate the right way along with attain usual obligations, as well as unique owners intended for…

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  • Wireless Networking Essay

    Wired and Wireless networks with those available for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) • Presenting the findings of the research and proposing future work in this area 1.5 Methodology 1.5.1 Requirements • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.20GHz • Windows 10 Home Edition • VMWare Workstation 12 Pro (version 12.1.0) • Oracle VM VirtualBox (version 5.1.4) • ContikiOS (version InstantContiki3.0) • Cooja Simulator • OpenDayLight (ODL) Controller (Beryllium-SR3) • Mininet…

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  • 2.5 Proposed Architectures For Sdn In SDN Case Study

    and the simulated Mininet network are to run on two separate Virtual Machines (VMs). The two VMs are then connected to a Host-only adapter so that they can communicate with each other and the host system. PuTTY will form an SSH connection to access the VMs from the host machine while Xming display server is used to access the X applications. 3.2.1 Requirements: • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.20GHz • Windows 10 Home • Oracle VM VirtualBox (version 5.1.4) • Ubuntu Server…

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