Vmware Case

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VMware VMware is a new and upcoming company that specializes in cloud computing. Cloud computing is a way that users can place their data, and then retrieve it from a different computer in a completely different location. Cloud computing really allows computer users to complete their work at any time at any location.
“VMware in a unique position to help define and deliver the technologies that will enable its pervasive use. There are many forms of virtualization, but VMware has largely focused on hardware virtualization. By creating a level of indirection between industry-standard hardware and operating systems, virtualization has led to innovation in hardware resource optimization, security, and application availability.” (Herrod, 2010)
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They all need each other to operate to their fullest potential or even at all.
Workstation vs. Server A workstation is a desktop computer, but not just a normal desktop computer. A workstation is a super computer in a small package. A workstation allows employees to have the power of a server at their desk. A workstation is also cheaper than a server. A server is a large computer that is dedicated to completing one task. The plus side to a server is that it has way more power, storage, and dedicated space to completing a task. This task could be to manage a website, manage the data on that website, be an authentication server, etc.
Client vs. Server A client is a local laptop, desktop, or thin client device running a local virtual environment. A local virtual environment is an environment that is presented over the current operating system that the computer is running. A server is something that is devoted to completing one task. Like stated in the previous paragraph, this task could be to manage a website, manage the data on that website, be an authentication server, etc. A client and a server really do not connect in many ways, but they are both important to how a company
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A client is something that an employee uses on a regular daily basis while completing the task they have to at work. A workstation is a super computer in a small package, sitting on an employee’s desk. A workstation is a lot like a client, just stronger and has much punch.
Virtual Screen vs. XenDesktop A virtual screen is program that is running on a computer such as parallels, virtualbox, VMWare Fusion. These programs allow users to operate to different operating systems at the same as the original operating system on the computer. XenDesktop was created by a company named, Citrix. XenDesktop was created to give a company a boundless chances to allow their employees to access anything anywhere. XenDesktop allows the user to choose only one application or the whole desktop. Unlike a virtual screen which will only allow the whole desktop to the used.
Client-Side System (Thin vs. Thick) A thin client and a thick client are thought of as the same thing, and they are not. A thin client is server, but the main bulk of the data processing occurs on a different server, or the main server. A thick client is the server that processes the bulk of the data. With a thick client there is no needs to connect to another server, and have them be in constant

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