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  • Hyphenated-American Culture

    in the United States. You proposed the question of if immigration issue is about culture, legality or numbers and majority if not everyone in the class stated it was culture. I actually disagree with this answer. When many people argue why they desire stricter immigrations laws, they make claims such as immigrants are taking jobs, they are increasing the population significantly, and they are harming American economy. Most of these claims relate back to the idea that immigration issue is primarily about numbers and less about culture. The economy is always the main focus when The closing discussion you made concerning the use of hyphenated-Americans such…

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  • Arabic Family And Culture

    In the respect of a child born, parents are known within the community and family member as “the parents of” said name of the child. This could not be said about individuals and families within of cultures. Within the European American cultures there is a different attitude and belief facing how people visualize what is respectful and honoring to growing older. This concept have changed over decades of social industrialization and modernization. Unlike Arab Americans tradition and family are…

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  • German American Rationalism

    supported this expansion often used an unique brand of Social Darwinism, referred to as American Exceptionalism, to justify these acquisitions. This heightened American patriotism and American perceptions regarding race and loyalties, which, in turn, led to fears of conflicting German American loyalties during World War 1. German Americans were specifically singled out because German Americans had particularly close ties to their mother country and German Americans…

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  • Taboos And Embargoes Chapter 3 Analysis

    (Halaby “Handfuls of wind” 46-7) The above quoted poetic extract indicates to the importance of ancestral stories of homeland in the American diaspora. These tales are regarded as fuel to the diasporic Arab-American spirits. Retelling homeland’s stories is a turning point in the cultural, political, social, and spiritual consciousness and identity of Arab-Americans. Throughout this project, Arab-Americans pass three stages of identity crisis; firstly, they are in a keen search for their roots…

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  • Interview With Julia Alvarez Analysis

    Question 1: In “Interview With Julia Alvarez, 2009 F. Scott Fitzgerald Award Honoree”, interviewer Elizabeth M. Huergo, PhD., an English professor at Montgomery College, discusses briefly the concept of hyphenated space in the word Dominican American with Julia Álvarez. Álvarez states, “Uncomfortable space between is where the stories begin” (00:10:41- 00:13:00:00). Álvarez believes that the idea of being able to speak on behalf of two cultures, two nationalities are what make one a good writer.…

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  • Korean Chinese Case Study

    Butterfly?, published in 1996 and 2004, will be examined, which deal with diasporic experiences of Korean Chinese in China and South Korea. Mainly grounded on the theories of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (1942- ) and Homi K. Bhabha(1949- ) from postcolonial studies, the literary analysis of the two novels will show that the protagonists hierarchical nationhood and how the ambivalent relation Korean Chinese in turn question and challenge Besides, I will argue that Windflower signifies the Korean…

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  • Hypocrisy In Angela M. Balcita's The Americano Dream

    Balcita goes over similar issues, though on a less broad scale. Using her father’s experiences of immigrating from the Philippines to the United States, Balcita creates an engaging and relatable picture of the subtle moments of integration, while also illustrating how the great American hypocrisy affects this transition. A great example of this comes from two paragraphs discussing her father’s first job at a blood bank. The job is temporary, as he’s trying to get official certification to be a…

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  • Kalief Browder Case Analysis

    Many African Americans do not go to trial because they are advised that they would earn an easier sentence from pleading guilty; innocent people are coerced into pleading guilty because it known that they will have a smaller chance of beating the charge in court. Some reasons for African Americans being dismissed from jury duty include: too young or old, single or divorced, religious or not, failed to make eye contact, lived in a poor part of town, had served in the military, had a hyphenated…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Neighbors' By Donald J. Trump

    Final Essay-Something creative Introduction “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country 's representatives can figure out what is going on.” This was released by Trump’s campaign on June 28th of 2016—he is now the president-elect of the United States. Since 9/11, Americans have been taught to embrace islamophobia by big media outlets attempting to profit off injecting fear into the general public’s mind, spreading the…

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  • Gronimo's Geronimo: A True American

    Geronimo: A True American The brave Bedonkohe Apache leader Geronimo was able to accomplish many astonishing feats before he died at the age of seventy-nine in 1909. Some of these achievements include continuing his journey of bettering the lives of his people despite his own family being murdered when he was only twenty-nine (27). Geronimo fully embodies the hard-working and no excuses attitude that many Americans strive for. Geronimo in many ways possesses the same moral code and ideas that…

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