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  • My Writing Assignment

    the correction that I implied were missed hyphens in words like drive-thru, sit-down, wave-free, and must-visit. I have to admit I still…

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  • Double-Interpretation In Elizabeth Bishop's 'Love Lies Sleeping'

    Living in a city is something most people struggle with at some point in their lives, though must struggles aren 't beautifully crafted into poems. "Love Lies Sleeping" is a poem written by Elizabeth Bishop was written in 1936 and later published in 1938, while living in New York. The poem about Bishop looking out of the city from her window, taking in all of the little details. It has an odd form, consisting of 15 stanzas, each with two long lines followed by two shorter ones that are…

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  • Max Jennings Case Study

    a. Hyphenate golf swing b. Change the comma to a semicolon c. Remove the hyphens in over-the-head d. Replace the exclamation point with a question mark 1 points Question 3 I'd like to introduce: Jen from Reno, Nevada; Joe from Akron, Ohio; and Jack from Austin, Texas. a. Remove the colon…

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  • A Priceless Lesson In Humility Analysis

    blind woman. In his sightseeing trip to Washington, D.C., Morales acted with prejudice when an elderly blind woman had asked for help. He had got lost in the American middle-class, which led him to lose his belief in humility. After the incident, he was re-awakened to his core belief in humility. By studying Morales’s essay closely, students would be able to see how he distinguishes between hyphens…

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  • Reflection Essay On English

    had never learned. Not to say that I will never make basic grammatical errors because I certainly will; however, I now have a much better understanding of the rules. I will never forget the time you told the class, “Sometimes words get married, such as lifetime. However, other times words just meet in a bar and move in with each other, such as part-time. They share the rent, but they can part ways at any time as they do not share a bank account and are not legally bound to one another through…

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  • The Hawk Poem Analysis

    strike out. The enjambment used in this piece not only creates a sense of rhythm and pace, but also mixing the concrete and abstract images in the poem to convey the incident. Witt uses hyphens in the poem to help the readers identify when he uses abstract images to describe the incident and when he transfers back to concrete images. The abstract images are used to clarify and develop the message conveyed through this poem as it gives a more abstract analysis of the hawk’s action to catch its…

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  • Summary Of The Poem Black Power Poem

    The poem “Black Power” is written by Nikki Giovanni. The poem dramatizes the conflict involving the Black Panthers as they take action and use their power to monitor and protect their people in their communities (black communities) showing racial pride. The speaker of the poem addresses a significant problem that takes place in African American communities where police often over use their power. This speaker emphasizes the Blank Panthers role of protection in their community in such a…

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  • In The Time Of The Butterflies Essay Introduction

    difficult to digest at the beginning, but then Alvarez became fueled by the bullies who taunted her accent and the missing pieces that being a “Dominican hyphen American” left in her life (Haley). Born into a family that dared to defy a dangerous dictator, Julia Alvarez’s abnormal childhood formed a cultural divide that she struggled to navigate at first, but eventually turned into a major source of inspiration for nearly all…

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  • Gender Identity In Nigerian-American Culture

    Nigerian-American is a terribly uncomfortable hyphen that’s not commonly talked about. In a Nigerian-American household, the parents only represent the left side of the hyphen. They were born and raised and lived in Nigeria. The children of the household represent the right side of the hyphen, whether they were born in Nigeria or not, their disposition always ends up taking on some of the ideals of their American environment. As a Nigerian-American I can speak of many of the conservative…

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  • Mr Birling And Sheila In An Inspector Calls

    How does Priestley present the relationship between Mr Birling and Sheila? In the play an Inspector Calls, by J.B Priestley, the 2 generations end up with very different view on capitalism and socialism with the younger generation changing towards the more socialist attitude. The relationship between Mr Birling and Sheila symbolises the differences between these two world views. Priestley wanted the change to happen from a capitalist to a socialist society. Mr Birling…

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