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  • Double-Interpretation In Elizabeth Bishop's 'Love Lies Sleeping'

    Living in a city is something most people struggle with at some point in their lives, though must struggles aren 't beautifully crafted into poems. "Love Lies Sleeping" is a poem written by Elizabeth Bishop was written in 1936 and later published in 1938, while living in New York. The poem about Bishop looking out of the city from her window, taking in all of the little details. It has an odd form, consisting of 15 stanzas, each with two long lines followed by two shorter ones that are indented[^1]. There are also two distinct sections: dawn and sunrise, the divide happens between 10 and 11. One of the key features of this poem is Bishop 's impressive use punctuation, which also helps to highlight her use of double-meanings. The stanzas are in chronological order, starts with dawn, as seen from Bishop 's window, and finishes with sunrise. We can also assume that the stanzas are in chronological order because a sentences that begins in one normally flows into the next stanza, sometimes spanning two or three. As a result of the odd punctuation and enjambment, the poem reads quite quickly, with sentences and thoughts tied closely together. The stanzas contain 2 sets of lines contain 9-13 syllables (averaging about 11), followed by two lines of 4-7 syllables (averaging about 6). This is consistent throughout the poem, but is seen nowhere else in Bishop 's work, nor any other poets, for that matter. This sees to be a format unique to this poem. In the print books that contain…

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  • My Writing Assignment

    the correction that I implied were missed hyphens in words like drive-thru, sit-down, wave-free, and must-visit. I have to admit I still…

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  • Genetically Modified Organisms: Good Or Bad?

    When you see dextrose, soy lecithin, or high fructose corn syrup on a package of non-organic food, the food probably contains GMOs. GMOs are genetically modified organisms whose genes have been altered by some techniques of genetic engineering so, then the DNA contains one or more genes that are not normally found there from the beginning. When they are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes may come from a bacteria, virus, insect,…

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  • Genetically Modified Crops Pros And Cons Essay

    Can You Really Create the Perfect Crop? To what extents are people willing to go, what are they willing to sacrifice for a “perfect crop”. In the last fifty years a new technology has emerged it focuses on GMO’s.”GMO 's (or “genetically modified organisms”) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering” (GMO). This topic has been controversial since its debut and many pros and cons are repeatedly brought forth. At…

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  • The Memory Theory Of George Miller's Short Term Memory

    George Miller’s magical number 7, plus or minus two, helps confirm the capacity of short term memory (Miller, 1956). Most people 18 and over can hold 5 to 9 items in their short term memory (Miller, 1956). Miller believed that short term memory could only hold his magic number because of the limited “slots” in which memory could be placed in the brain. Miller reached this conclusion by getting the participants of the initial study to listen to a number of tones that were different by pitch.…

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  • Working Memory Index Case Study

    Working Memory Index On the Working Memory Index, which measures his ability to temporarily store and perform a set of cognitive operations on information that requires divided attention and the management of the limited capacity of short-term memory, Julian scored in the Low Average range on both subtests. On the first subtest, Digit Span, he was verbally presented with three sets of numbers. On the first set, Julian had to repeat the numbers back to the examiner in the correct order. On the…

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  • Essay On Gmo Labeling

    Going for GMO Labeling Have you ever wondered what’s in your food? GMOs are a key component in most of our foods we eat today. You may have not known that several major food companies are not required to clearly label Genetically Modified Organisms on their food products. Certain states have specific laws over labeling GMOs, while others are still working to get laws passed over labeling GMOs. In America today we want to know if we are eating something that is not good for us. Americans today…

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  • GMO Labeling

    GMO Labeling: A Path Toward Food Transparency Imagine being transported back in time to 1955. Inside a family run grocery store, there are isles of canned vegetables and soups. Even more shelves were lined with multicolored boxed cereals, bottles of soda pop, and various soaps. As creative as each product’s label appeared, none of them contained nutritional information, ingredient lists, or allergy warnings. A consumer had little more than their own taste buds to guide them…

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  • Quiz Technique

    Health Science Graduate students at Seton Hall University can employ different techniques when preparing for exams to improve their academic performance. They are able to utilize a variety of tools and strategies to prepare for tests that may allow them to recall and manipulate information according to the task at hand. One of these techniques includes studying using online games that are set up as quizzes in order to be constantly exposed to the information in a more entertaining fashion. Mini…

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  • Globalization And Public Health

    Health and Globalization If the movement of people, food, and manufactured goods can have such a negative impact on public health, should steps be taken to reduce these flows? What other options are there for lowering the spread of global diseases? Vaccination is a good way to prevent infectious disease from spreading.The work of the WHO is completed by specialists working with well being authorities in local and neighborhood workplaces of nations in which they are utilized, and by a broad…

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