Essay On Gmo Labeling

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Going for GMO Labeling Have you ever wondered what’s in your food? GMOs are a key component in most of our foods we eat today. You may have not known that several major food companies are not required to clearly label Genetically Modified Organisms on their food products. Certain states have specific laws over labeling GMOs, while others are still working to get laws passed over labeling GMOs. In America today we want to know if we are eating something that is not good for us. Americans today are for labeling on the foods consumers purchase and indulge. What are GMOs? GMOs are made by engineers’ ingenuity genes from on living thing to another living thing (Dillard 12). In simpler words they feed the animals and plants like a toxic and when the animal or plant is ready for the food process the toxins/peast will go into our food (Farquhar 18). Concerning GMOs have become a big aware in consumers. There are many concerns about eating genetically engineered foods and how they may be a health hazard. There is believed to be evidence that genetically engineered crops and allergenicity in humans. Most of our crops are sprayed with herbicide and that pollutes our land and then the farmers can’t save the seeds …show more content…
Companies can face civil penalties of up to a thousand fines per product that is not labeled correctly (Storm 4). Certain states don’t think they need to label products but congress feels as if it would be easier and safer if all products have GMO labels. In addition to the previous sentence, Congress made a law called the Genetic Engineering act passed in 2014. Congress then said they have 2 years to make mandatory labeling requirements. The labeling requirement stated it must have some sort of symbol (Farquhar 18,19). In 2018 whole food marketing will require labels on their products sold in there stores; then when the labels are on the products there will be a risk of removing it (Storm

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