Can You Really Create The Perfect Crop? Essay

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Can You Really Create the Perfect Crop?

To what extents are people willing to go, what are they willing to sacrifice for a “perfect crop”. In the last fifty years a new technology has emerged it focuses on GMO’s.”GMO 's (or “genetically modified organisms”) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering” (GMO). This topic has been controversial since its debut and many pros and cons are repeatedly brought forth. At this point in the debate the consequence outweigh the benefits, the main points of conflict include: allergy risk, lack of knowledge, and death of impacted animals.

Allergic reactions take lives of hundreds each year. A trace amount of an allergen can be lethal to those battling allergies. Supporters of GMOs argue that by modifying common foods add vital nutrition to our diets, but what they fail to mention is what products are being modifying and with what. GMO’s provide a significant allergy risk. Much of the genetically modified food is infused with common allergens, including: soy, corn, and wheat. A month before Justin Meadows thirteenth birthday, he was admitted into the local children 's ward at the St. Mary’s hospital. His parents paced the floors for hours, days, months waiting for doctors to find an answer. Every day Justin’s health declined, his siblings were sent away to various friends and relatives. His parents slept every night at the hospital and seldom left…

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