The Dangers Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Genetic Roulette Genetically Modified Organisms, otherwise known as GMO’s, could potentially stop world hunger; however, the risks outweigh the greater good. The mixing of genetic material can raise the risks of allergic reactions to foods. Furthermore, tests have shown that many hazards and medical complications come from consuming genetically modified foods. In addition, genetically modified foods do not only affect foods like tomatoes but meats as well. Yes, Genetically Modified Organisms come in larger harvests, provide bigger than average results and are pesticide resistant; however, the risks that come with consumption of GMOs are too dangerous. Genetically Modified Organisms are organisms who have their genetic coding changed by …show more content…
Genetically modifying foods is not an exact science, and is more a game of genetic roulette. “The complexity of the genetic makeup and responses makes it extremely difficult to predict the outcome” (Ruse, Castle). Dr. Michael Antonia a British scientists who has a degree in Molecular Science even said “gene- splicing has already resulted in the unexpected production of toxic substances”(Miller). Furthermore, the GMOs that have been released and are herbicide resistant are able to be soaked in herbicides and not damage the product. This means that the consumers are eating these pesticides. “Recent studies have found that farmers growing genetically engineered crops are using just as many toxic pesticides and herbicides as conventional farmers and in some cases using more”(Miller). In addition, scientists predict that there will be a growth in “ BT- resistant pests will eliminate the effectiveness of a natural pesticide that organic farmers use”(Miller). Scientists have tested GMOs on animals to show the effects of consuming Genetically modified crops. One example is “when female rats were fed GMOs before, and during their pregnancy more than 50% of their offspring died within 3 weeks of birth” (Smith). Finally, many health risks come with dining on these Genetically Modified Organisms. Scientists warn consumers not to eat the GMOs due to case studies that …show more content…
Cows are being fed genetically modified crops which hinders the quality of the meat, and the milk produced by cattle.“ The US Department of Agriculture approved 3 new kinds of GE crops one of them being alfalfa” (Miller). Furthermore, the Us Department of Agriculture approved genetically modified Salmon.“ The release of the genetically modified salmon could seriously threaten the wild Salmon populations and the populations of their prey, due to they grow twice as fast and required much more food” (Miller). This is shocking and alarming, because not only do consumers have to check foods that come from crops but there is no way to tell which meat contains GMOs.
While GMOs contain many positive attributes, the consumption of these genetically altered organisms proves to be quite dangerous. These frankenfoods can be crops or animals, which is quite scary when looked at from the consumer 's view. Not to mention terrifying to people with food allergies. Tests have shown these mutant foods to have serious or fatal side effects after consumption. If many tests have proven GMOs to be dangerous, then they should not be

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